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How Mobile Technology Elevates Hotel Communication and Operations

Just as the hospitality industry builds memorable experiences according to guest needs, hotel communication systems and technology solutions should do the same for you and your workforce. A few weeks ago, Beekeeper teamed up with leaders from two of our business partners, Jos Schaap, CEO and Founder of StayNTouch and Erica Rich, Senior Hospitality Marketing Strategist at Revinate, to lead a webinar on how the hospitality industry can best leverage mobile technology in hotels.

Despite the proliferation and availability of mobile technology, many hotel operations continue to rely on outdated methods of team communication. Together, panelists shared ways to improve guest experience in hotels through enhancing operations and employee experience – and that mobile team communication is the definitive catalyst for best delivering on these goals.

The Impact of Mobile Team Communication on Hotel Departments

How do mobile solutions improve hotel team productivity and operations? A mobile hotel PMS such as StayNTouch, or as Jos Schaap rightly referred to them, “the heart of your hotel,” can run on smartphones or other mobile devices, giving hotel employees access on-the-go. Hotel staff can easily assign tasks to specific employees and quickly communicate with other departments instantly. These specific uses cases are especially tangible and compelling in terms of ROI:

  • Immediate notifications. No more printed out, or pen and paper announcements.
  • Housekeeping can turn rooms over more quickly. Most guests simply leave in the morning without staff contact. There’s no way of knowing when the room is ready to be cleaned. With faster occupancy updates, the room conversion process is made more efficient.
  • Improved access of guest information. Real-time, mobile team communication means better personalization of guest experience and management of expectations.

Increased Employee Communication Positively Impacts Guest Satisfaction Scores

Workforce turnover is substantial in the hospitality industry. Most hoteliers focus on the “holy grail” of guest experience, which is of course paramount. However, the focus on employee experience is just as vital in order to keep hotel employees happy and on your team. Relationships with coworkers matter, and they impact guest experience more than you might think. Hotel employees shouldn’t have to live with the uncertainty of wondering what’s going to happen at the property on a day to day basis. There are many lost opportunities in the hospitality industry when it comes to the connection between hotel guests and employees, but investing in employee communication with a mobile team communication app provides the following benefits.

  1. Allows for consistent, daily information sharing across shifts and hotel team
  2. Creates a highly-visible platform to illuminate best practices
  3. Facilitates recognition of hotel workforce high achievers

“The experience at a property makes or breaks a guest’s stay. That experience is dependent on the human interactions with your staff as soon they walk in the door of your hotel. If you set your employees up for success, so that they are happy, engaged, and loyal to your hotel, you stand a much better chance of delighting a guest.”

Improve Hospitality Operations with Digital Mobile Solutions

On the guest-facing side, there are many ways to digitize and improve hotel operations in ways that benefit both hotel workers and guests alike. A CMS like Revinate provides a way to remember the best ways to service and stay relevant to them by tailoring their experience to their needs in your hotel. Targeted emails, accessible via their mobile device, can then be sent out that offer a customized menu of activities and upgrades at your hotel according to their preferences. Mobile hotel communication systems also give your hotel a distinct brand advantage; consumers view mobile-savvy companies and technologies more favorably.

Watch the full webinar to help identify the right mobile hospitality technology solutions for your hotel property.