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How Mobile Solutions Improve Hotel Internal Communication

When it comes to managing hotel workforces, the hospitality industry faces two primary challenges: internal communication and employee engagement. From completing real-time tasks to coordinating operations across a network of interdependent departments and managing guest expectations, effective internal communication between highly-mobile and dispersed hotel employees is easier said than done.

Successful hospitality employee engagement has been credited with the following benefits:

  1. Increased staff retention rates
  2. A more motivated workforce
  3. Improved overall performance on both department and hotel-wide levels

Adopting a workforce management app is an optimal way to address internal communication and employee engagement difficulties at the hotel level.

Effective Internal Communication To Reach Your Mobile Workforce

The main difference between digital and traditional internal communication methods is the ability to reach hotel employees in real-time. Internal communication solutions should therefore prioritize this kind of instant connection.

Your strategy should include non-desk employees, many of whom do not have a company email address but use a mobile device. The overwhelming majority of the millennial workforce owns (and regularly uses) a mobile device. From preparing hotel rooms to being the first point of guest contact the front desk, a workforce management app is an appropriately mobile solution that connects hotel teams wherever their work takes them.

app displayed on different devices

Increase Hotel Operational Efficiencies

Giving employees the ability to communicate with colleagues instantly, privately or in a group, through secure enterprise messaging vastly increases hotel operations. The availability of a real-time, internal communication channel means employees have immediate access to the appropriate contact. The can also instantly check the status of the hospitality tasks or processes they engage in most often.

This is especially important during peak occupancy periods where the pace and scale of operations leaves no room for miscommunication. A workforce management app helps ensure alignment throughout your hotel in both busy and less-hectic seasons to deliver the same standard of hospitality guests experience. Communication streams allocated to specific teams ensure sensitive guest information is protected, allowing VIP guest preparations to be shared and communicated to those concerned securely.

Improve Employee Engagement Levels

Introducing your workforce management app to your hospitality workforce is an opportunity to foster a strong brand identity. The best mobile solution allows for simple personalization. This makes it easy to create a digital workplace that promotes company values, cultivates brand awareness, and appeals to employees on an individual level with the information they need to do their work best. Keep employee engagement thriving by hosting a competition between teams, departments, or properties through your workforce management app. A fun and interactive team building exercise, this will empower employees to become brand advocates. When hotel employees are more engaged and informed, this directly and positively impacts guest experience.

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