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How Mobile Communication Can Boost Employee Health and Safety

One of the best ways to create a culture of safety is to have engaged employees, according to the National Safety Council. And an effective mobile communication platform is one of the best ways to have engaged employees! That’s why mobile communications can be a very successful way to improve employee health and safety in your company. There are four ways mobile communications can help:

1. Immediate Access to Information

Mobile communications allow employees to have immediate access to relevant information like safe work procedures and best practices. Instead of having to pull out a manual or make it back to a workstation, employees can use their mobile application to pull up exactly what they need when they need it. When the unfortunate workplace incident occurs, this immediate access has the potential to save lives.

2. Incident Reporting

Unfortunately, near misses tend to go unreported when using traditional reporting methods. It can take too long to reach a workstation and the incident can be forgotten in the meantime. When employees can immediately report incidents, management gets a more accurate idea of the safety of work conditions. Offering employees the ability to report these kinds of things right away also increases the employees’ faith in the company. Knowing that management cares and wants to be made aware of any issues can help employees stay engaged and motivated.

3. Safety Feedback

In a study by Safety Performance Solutions Inc, 90 percent of employees believe employees should caution others when they’re operating unsafely, but only 60 percent actually provide this feedback.

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There are a variety of reasons employees choose not to provide cautionary feedback, including the risk of insulting their coworkers or worrying they might be in the wrong. A good mobile platform provides a safe and secure avenue for employees to provide this feedback while avoiding the pitfalls with typical reporting methods.

4. Instant Notifications

For workers both in and out of the office, it’s crucial to stay in regular communication. There are a variety of reasons a company may need to contact all employees at once. Emergencies like impending severe weather, workplace disasters, or violence in the workplace are all real threats, and instant notification can save employees lives. Mobile communication can send alerts to all employees or specific groups, like those in the field, to update them to the proper procedures and how to proceed in the event of an emergency.

Effective communication is such an important element of having a safe and healthy work environment. By implementing the right mobile communication platform, you can improve communication and employee engagement, providing both your desk and non-desk workers with the best possible workplace.

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