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Digital Trendsetters: How to Revolutionize Your Workplace and Your Career

In business, and in life, change is the key to growth. But so many companies fear the unknown and stay rooted in the familiar, especially when it comes to internal communications.

It takes a visionary to recognize opportunity, analyze the risk, design the strategy, navigate the team through the ambiguity, and introduce a digital workplace to revolutionize a company’s communication, operations, and culture.

When you bring new workforce solutions to your company to improve internal communications, you gain visibility. Introducing a digital workplace platform and taking the lead in an employee communications overhaul can propel your career. Colleagues will see you as a team leader. Leadership will seek you out for new ideas. The professional rewards will be worth the risk.

By implementing a successful solution into your workplace you will:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Build your credibility
  • Raise your value
  • Become a thought leader

Leading a team through ambiguity takes vision, ambition, and dedication. Here’s how people transform from team members into leader and thinkers into thought leaders.

Identify Challenges and Introduce New Workforce Solutions

Before you transition your company’s internal communications to a digital workplace, start out small to build your credibility. Companies can be like huge ships – moving them in a new direction takes time and space.

Find the weak spots in internal communications and introduce ideas to improve employee communications. Build a team and take the lead on those projects.

David Montero is the Director of Operations for RHW Management which runs 19 hotels with over 600 employees. He’s a solutions-oriented leader who wanted to change the inefficient internal communications at RHW, which was affecting employee engagement.

His solution was to adopt Beekeeper, a digital workplace platform, to bring communication online. He customized the content and communication streams to engage employees with the company and with one another. It’s made them a more competitive company and boosted productivity. And David’s reputation grew as a forward-thinking industry leader.

As you get started on your own digital workplace strategy, really understand your company’s mission to show how improving internal communications aligns with the company’s goals. You’ll increase your visibility and demonstrate your value. Leadership will start to take notice.

Disrupt Internal Communications

The first step of disrupting and redesigning internal communications is research. You need to convince the company why they should make the leap to a digital workplace.

Disrupting the internal communications system might seem daunting to a team who thinks things are fine as is. Research, plan, and present your idea with confidence. Demonstrate how the rewards are worth the perceived risk.

  • Adopting new technology will make employee communications more efficient by streamlining information which will be easily accessible from any device.
  • Automating systems like payroll and scheduling will save time and money for the company.
  • A business communication app boosts productivity by improving internal communications between colleagues and fostering collaboration.
  • Increase the company’s value by making them more competitive in the marketplace as production becomes faster and more efficient with a digital workplace.
  • A business communication app will elevate employee engagement by encouraging two-way conversations and flatten hierarchies to give employees agency in the company.

With these benefits, they’ll welcome the disruption.

Become an Internal Communications Changemaker

Nathalie Maerki brought a strong IT background to her role as an HR specialist for Ricola AG, a global leader in herbal drops. When it came time renovate their internal communications system, Nathalie championed Beekeeper as a workforce solution.

“Part of our task is to guide our colleagues through change and take away any existing fear from it.” – Nathalie Maerki, Ricola AG

Internal communication is woven into the fabric of a company’s culture. Envision and embrace your role as a changemaker as you shift that culture in a positive direction. Change will be embraced instead of feared. The company will treat you as a valuable innovator and look to you for future system overhauls.

The New York Times recently defined changemakers as “people who can see the patterns around them, identify the problems in any situation, figure out ways to solve the problem, organize fluid teams, lead collective action and then continually adapt as situations change.” Be the changemaker in your organization. You’ll soon be recognized as a leader in your industry too.

From those first pitches to the C-Suite to the rollout of the digital workplace, keep your eyes on the prize for both the company and your career. Remain dedicated to the company taking a chance on your vision. You’ll both reap the rewards. Innovator. Authority. Thought leader. Get ready to embrace your new role.

To learn how introducing a digital workplace can revolutionize your company and advance your career, download our ebook, “5 Steps to Get Executive Buy-In For an Employee App.”