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Top Yammer Alternatives For Boosting Employee Productivity

2020 permanently changed the way companies engage and communicate with employees. As a result, investments in digital employee communication tools are on the rise. In fact, KPMG’s 2020 CEO Outlook Report found that 77% of CEOs expect to expand their digital employee communication toolbox due to COVID-19.

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So, it’s no surprise there are a lot of employee communication platform options to choose from – including Yammer. But, which solution is the best fit for your workforce?

There are many Yammer alternatives available, but if you compare Yammer to similar software, you’ll find that Beekeeper is the leading operational communication app for frontline workers.

Let’s find out why.

5 Alternatives To Yammer To Know

Have you been asking yourself Yammer vs Chatter? Jive vs Workplace by Facebook? You’re not the only one. There are probably more choices for employee communication platforms than you know what to do with.

Before getting into top Yammer competitors, let’s learn what the tool has to offer.

Built by Microsoft, Yammer is an enterprise social networking platform helping to connect and engage employees across all levels of the organization. Yammer focuses on knowledge sharing with capabilities like:

  • Community announcements
  • Q&A
  • Polling
  • Chats and postings for employee recognition

But, Yammer isn’t the only key player in the employee engagement software space. Here are five Yammer competitors to keep in mind:

  1. Workplace by Facebook is a corporate social networking tool that aims to build workplace communities. The platform also supports project management and collaboration with file sharing and announcement capabilities.
  2. SAP Jam is an enterprise collaboration tool with features such as discussion boards and document management. The platform also provides a secure network for project teams to collaborate directly with their clients.
  3. GoToConnect (formerly Jive) is a dynamic intranet solution that promotes employee communication, collaboration, and connection for desk workers.
  4. HCL Connections’ platform focuses on employee productivity with key features like personalized workspaces and integrated project management tools. 
  5. Chatter is Salesforce’s enterprise social network and collaboration tool that connects employees from any location and provides open communication channels for idea-sharing.

When it comes to Yammer vs Chatter vs Jive, our answer is: Beekeeper. Beekeeper is the mobile-first employee communication and engagement platform built for frontline employees. 

Let’s find out why Beekeeper is the Yammer alternative your frontline workforce needs.

Why Beekeeper?

There are several reasons why businesses choose Beekeeper over Yammer. First, while Microsoft workplace applications may be the go-to software for knowledge workers, they’re not a sufficient stand-alone solution for most companies. For companies with a large, dispersed workforce of frontline employees, Beekeeper is a more suitable platform as it was built from the ground up for their needs.

In fact, frontline workers now make up over 80% of the world’s workforce.

Beekeeper's guide to desk and non-desk worker challenges

Here’s why.

We Offer a Secure Out-of-the-Box Solution

Unlike other Yammer alternatives, we feature a UI that easily replaces less secure consumer tools like WhatsApp and WeChat and supports both top-down and bottom-up communication. We use best-in-class, certified data encryption, advanced firewall protection, and we are GDPR compliant.

We’re a Team of Frontline Experts with Experience Driving Engagement and Operational Efficiency

There’s a reason why Beekeeper has an activation rate of over 90%. We combine the power of intuitive, human-centered design, easy QR code onboarding, and experienced consulting support to ensure that Beekeeper is successfully implemented at your company.

Beekeeper as a team of frontline experts

Empower Managers on the Ground to Lead Their Teams

The key to success is enabling teams to perform—that’s why the Beekeeper app has a flexible management structure, built-in tools for team leads, and powerful audience segmentation and location targeting.

With its ability to keep employees connected, streamline team collaboration, and improve productivity, Beekeeper’s platform is designed to revolutionize your workplace.

Our employee app offers:

  • Location or team-based audience segmentation
  • Advanced analytics dashboard
  • Confirmation campaigns with receipt confirmation
  • Instant, mobile messaging with read receipts
  • Documents library
  • An open Shift Schedules API
  • Inline translations in over 100 languages
  • Intuitive User ExperienceX that can replace consumer chat tools
  • QR code onboarding- employees don’t need an email address to login
  • Integrations with workplace tools you know and love

Keep Employees Connected

keeping employees connected with Beekeeper

Communication is becoming increasingly mobile, and digital, and companies are beginning to take advantage of digital tools like Beekeeper and Yammer to promote employee engagement. As far as alternatives go, Beekeeper is the most effective mobile communication platform for connecting employees for a few reasons.

Our chat functionality uses instant messaging to help your entire organization collaborate on tasks and projects, while curated newsfeeds (what we call “Streams”) allow users to stay up to date on everything they need to know for their specific location and role, post their own content, and also like or comment on others’ posts. As an enterprise social network, Beekeeper fosters employee engagement through the power of mobile technology.

Beekeeper’s ability to bring frontline workers into the fold is what sets it apart. While Yammer users must have email addresses in order to log in, Beekeeper’s instant QR code login allows non-desk workers, 83% of whom don’t have corporate email addresses, to use the platform.

Facilitate Team Collaboration

Tools like Yammer may help with team communication, but if you’re thinking about alternatives to Yammer, Beekeeper is best designed to help your team bring out the best in each other. As an essential enterprise collaboration strategy built specifically to connect the frontline workforce, using Beekeeper makes teamwork seamless for your whole company.

Our platform is ideal for non-desk and remote workers who can use the app to understand what’s going on and tackle daily tasks together, even when they’re away from the office. While Yammer allows any team member to create a new channel, Beekeeper maintains a controlled structure to ensure frontline team members see only the most relevant information for their role and location. 

We also offer an inline translation feature which allows employees to bridge language barriers and collaborate together in real time.  Other helpful features like polls, campaigns, and surveys make team communication and gathering feedback a breeze.

Improve Employee Productivity

While most communication tools such as Yammer can help employees accomplish more, Beekeeper is especially effective for increasing the productivity of your frontline workforce.

Centralizing information channels within one platform keeps communication efficient, and when your mobile workforce has all the latest updates at their fingertips, operations speed up also. Gone are the days of individually tracking down employees to make sure they all received important information.

improving employee productivity with Beekeeper

Unlike Yammer, Beekeeper includes features like chatbots that use the power of automation to simplify workflows. As another example, Beekeeper’s open Shift Schedules API allows companies to build their own shift management extensions within the platform!

Start Working Smarter

With Beekeeper, you’ll be able to improve employee productivity throughout your whole organization in a multitude of ways. While Yammer offers a digital communication platform for businesses, Beekeeper is one of the best alternatives to Yammer.

Our state-of-the-art functionality embraces the future of workplace communication. In the age of the mobile workforce, it has become increasingly important to give your employees the right mobile solutions to keep them engaged and connected.

Beekeeper’s employee app will keep your workforce connected, enable team collaboration, and boost worker productivity. These benefits apply to both employees and managers, and both non-desk and desk workers.

With Beekeeper, everyone wins!

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