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Beekeeper Teams Up With Betterworks Engage for Enhanced Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are an essential component of a continuous improvement company culture. How can workplace leaders create effective employee surveys that will yield the actionable data they need to make concrete changes?

We are thrilled to offer our customers a brand new Marketplace integration with problem-solving Betterworks Engage, a cutting-edge feedback solution for conducting employee surveys throughout the employee lifecycle. This partnership is a natural evolution in our quest to improve company culture, workforce engagement, and the feedback loop with frontline employees who have been largely underserved.

The Betterworks Engage integration with Beekeeper offers value when it comes to operational communications in two key ways:

  1. The ability to create employee surveys with even more question types.
  2. The opportunity to target and analyze these surveys with advanced machine learning, as well as trending and benchmarking capabilities based on profile field data from Beekeeper. For example, you can segment by location, department, or tenure, or see evolution over time.

Empower Administrators With Timely Workforce Insights

A common hurdle for administrators when rolling out any new workplace technology is the onboarding process. One of the most beneficial aspects of the Betterworks Engage integration is that your frontline workforce can be onboarded without email addresses.

Betterworks Engage integrates seamlessly with Beekeeper and synchronizes the relevant information from directly from the app – no complicated setup needed. You can distribute Betterworks Engage surveys automatically, directly, and securely via chat messages in Beekeeper, starting with onboarding surveys triggered automatically based on your new employee’s hire date.

The admin journey looks like this:

  • Create a survey in Betterworks Engage, even in multiple languages.
  • Design the survey audience based on Beekeeper profile fields.
  • Send via a Beekeeper chat with a customizable message from Hyphy, the Betterworks Engage (formerly “Hyphen”) bot. If an employee hasn’t completed the survey, they are sent an automated reminder.
  • Use Betterworks Engage’s cutting-edge analytics and machine learning to interpret results.
  • Easily distribute personalized insights and dashboards to company leaders, managers, and HR through Betterworks Engage.

On the recipient end, your workforce’s workflow is as follows:

  • Frontline employees receive a chat message introducing the employee survey in Beekeeper from a chatbot.
  • They simply open the link to the survey and complete the questions in minutes on their mobile device.
  • Responses are then submitted, and voila––they’re done!

Developed with efficiency in mind, another benefit of the Betterworks Engage integration with Beekeeper is that administrators can combine more in-depth employee surveys with single-question polls. This aids in proactively and immediately identifying areas of improvement.

Tailored employee surveys provide better data so that analysis, and subsequent solutions, can be better focused. Highly-customized employee surveys also allow for better tracking so that effectiveness can be more accurately measured over time.

Translate Local Data Into Action Plans for Your Workplace

When your data is specific to certain locations, teams, or departments, accountability for problem-solving and brainstorming solutions increases. More granular data management allows leaders to better respond to and delegate any action items, as well as establish deadlines for resolution.

Employee surveys are an important way to take the pulse of your workforce and listen to every single employee in your workplace. In addition to our other operational communications tools, Beekeeper with Betterworks Engage empowers leaders to get the ball rolling quickly to reduce implementation time and focus on analyzing the data in real time.

Check out our webinar to learn more about how to conduct better employee surveys with Beekeeper and Problem-Solving Betterworks Engage.