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Beekeeper Secures $13M Series A Extension Led by Atomico and Keen Venture Partners

On behalf of Beekeeper, I’m thrilled to announce that we have secured $13 million in funding during our Series A extension round! This helps us continue our mission to better connect and engage non-desk workforces with an operational communication platform that is both simple to implement and use.

Across every industry from hospitality and manufacturing, to retail and construction, we know how absolutely vital easily-accessible mobile technology is for improving internal communications and streamlining operations for these highly-dispersed workers.

Wherever their work takes them, our goal is to keep them connected to and engaged with their company and colleagues, with quick access to safety, operational, and other mission-critical information on-the-go and at a moment’s notice. Our number one priority has always been to empower the non-desk worker and the companies they work for with the best digital communication and operations tools on the market to make their work days easier, more productive, and enjoyable.

We extend our gratitude to all our investors who contributed to Beekeeper’s Series A extension, with particular recognition of Atomico and Keen Venture Partners for leading this funding round. We are also grateful for the support of Samsung NEXT, Edenred Capital Partners (ECP), and Swiss Post, as well as the continued support of Beekeeper’s existing investors including FYRFLY Venture Partners, ALPANA Ventures and investiere.ch.

Digital transformation should positively benefit everyone. With the support of our Series A extension, Beekeeper promises to continue working towards our company’s mission to connect every single employee in the following key ways.

Continue to invest in market growth.

Despite the abundance of SaaS communication options out there, the majority cater to office and desk-based employees. Beekeeper addresses the lack of consistent communication and operational tools available to an equally significant but underserved demographic when it comes to the digital communication landscape: the non-desk workforce.

Largely without company email addresses, these workers are often forced to find unmanaged and unmonitored communication workarounds that involve the exchange of personal contact information — and more importantly, that have the potential to compromise company, employee, and customer data. What if in addition to essential operational communication, you could simultaneously leverage your internal communication platform to recognize your frontline workforce and tell them how much you appreciate them?

With Beekeeper, you can do both: we believe engaged, happy employees work better, are more successful, stay with your company longer, provide better customer service, and strengthen your business’ bottom line.

Cultivate innovation and inclusivity in everything we do, from product development to the way Beekeeper is run.

Just as important as streamlining core business processes is continually improving on the interconnected but diverse needs of the world’s mobile workforce, desk-based workers, and leadership.

We know this because we are ourselves a growing, highly-distributed team. With colleagues in Zurich, San Francisco, Berlin, London, and Poland, and all over the United States, Beekeeper faces familiar pain points as we build a globally-dispersed company. Working across time zones and languages, the features we build––such as inline translation, or department-dedicated communication streams for posting and commenting––are ones we depend on, too.

Ongoing investment in Beekeeper’s information security management system (ISMS) to maintain our ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Our security efforts impact every aspect of our business. From our certified data centers to our office infrastructure, Beekeeper implements and practices the highest standards of data security. We’re proud to have achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification, and recognize and respect that upholding this level of security is an ongoing process.

In addition to annual third-party audits, rigorous vulnerability testing, and the appointment of our own DPO, we conduct company-wide security awareness trainings to ensure every department is in alignment with data security best practices and procedures.

To further evolve the Beekeeper Marketplace and our “plug-in” ecosystem.

Our latest integrations make seamless user synchronization possible between HRIS systems such as ADP, SAP SuccessFactors, Microsoft Azure, and Workday. Rather than add yet another complex system to deploy, manage, and toggle between, at Beekeeper, we strive to bring you application integrations with the HR software and operational tools you work in and rely on every day.

Our integrations are driven by and respond to the invaluable input and feedback from our customers. After all, you’re why we exist––and we never forget that.

Discover more about how to connect your mobile workforce by downloading our white paper, “Digitization of the Non-Desk Workforce.”