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5 Tips for Company Digital Communication

Company digital communication is no longer optional in the business world. Employees need to be able to communicate with each other and management quickly and easily. But digital communication goes beyond employee-to-employee interaction. Up to 80% of consumers reported using a digital device to contact a company. That’s why it’s time to encourage digital communication in all parts of your company. How do you do it?

1. Give Permission

Do your employees believe they are allowed to use digital communication regularly? You might be surprised that many employees fear using your newly implemented digital communication platform! They may not know what they are allowed to say or if they are allowed to comment on other people’s projects. Giving permission explicitly may be just what employees need to embrace digital communication in your company.

2. Offer Training for Forms of Digital Communication

A common mistake companies make is implementing a new digital platform or forms of digital communication but not offering any sort of training for it. While employees are increasingly familiar with a wide variety of digital communications and technology, that doesn’t mean they will automatically know how to properly use the one your company has selected. A training program that helps employees feel comfortable with digital communication in your company is a must.

3. Set Boundaries

Encouraging employees to use digital communication doesn’t mean employees must be tied to their mobile devices or laptops constantly. Digital communication is invaluable at allowing employees to work flexible hours and feel engaged from anywhere, but the downside is that employees may feel obligated to work outside of normal hours and stay engaged constantly. Set boundaries so employees know that it is OK to disengage when necessary.

4. Allow for Failure

There are countless types of digital communication available, but they won’t all be a good fit for your company. It may take time to find the right channel or platform for your company and your employees. That’s why you should allow for failure. Of course, you shouldn’t pull the plug immediately if things aren’t working right away. But if you’ve properly trained employees and ensured that they feel like they are allowed to fully use the platform and it is still being avoided, it may be time to look for a better fit.

5. Celebrate Success

When digital communication is used correctly, celebrate it! Let employees know that their willingness to embrace new technology or new communication methods is appreciated. Reward employees who are using digital communications well, maybe even consider featuring them in company communications so other employees can learn from their example.

Digital communication will continue to change and become a more integral part of the workplace. It’s only a matter of time before digital communication overtakes all other communication, so there’s never been a better time to encourage your workforce to embrace it.

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