Manufacturing Industry Trends

Factories of the Future and the Next Wave of Digital Transformation

The global manufacturing and food processing industries will be focused on ramping up and recovering from the impact of the coronavirus crisis. As a result, the digital transformation and enablement of frontline workforces will become more important than ever.

As manufacturers recover from the impact of COVID-19, having a connected workforce will be key in driving productivity, operating more efficiently, and complying with new health and safety regulations. Digitally enabling your frontline manufacturing workforce—from line workers to shop foreman—will be a crucial step in building this new-and-improved, more connected workforce. The ability to quickly reach and engage every employee is essential to maintaining business agility in the next normal.

This white paper will reveal how to:

  • Reduce safety costs by as much as $40,000
  • Save time for frontline managers
  • Shorten new hire time to productivity

“Digital awareness is very important for our industry because manufacturing is quickly moving towards digital. Beekeeper contributes to digital literacy and lessens anxieties around the use of digital communication tools. The use of a team app like Beekeeper strengthens an overall awareness of how important digital technology is to our workplace. Beekeeper helps us to wrap the strategic issues in stories.”

Salome Ramseier, Head of Communications & Public Affairs, Holcim Switzerland & Italy