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From Paper to Pixels: Driving Digital Transformation for Frontline Teams

White Paper: Digitization of the Frontline Workforce

Your guide to the digital transformation of the frontline workforce

High turnover can cost your organization as much as 200% of an employee’s annual salary or hourly wages. With the growing frontline worker labor shortage, businesses are more focused on employee retention than every before.

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence signal massive operational changes across frontline industries. With these changes stems an unprecedented boost in organizational connectivity. As non-desk employees adapt, they will discover how increased accessibility to managers, peers, and workplace tools will help them ascend into a richer, more fulfilling era of work.

Executive leaders are tasked with leading frontline employees through current technological changes and face a unique and exciting challenge to digitize the frontline workforce. Armed with creativity, data, foresight, and the right set of tools, optimizing employee productivity through digitization becomes your golden ticket to a happy and prosperous workforce.

This white paper will teach you how to: 

  • Digitize frontline employees to increase productivity
  • Utilize digital workplace essentials
  • Get organization-wide adoption and engagement

“Thanks to Beekeeper, we have connected our employees, provided them direct access to information, the ability to talk to one another, and given a voice to our frontliners. I’m especially fond of its ease of use, simplicity, and the fact it allows us to connect all our employees, regardless of where they work or if they have access to a computer.”

Sarah Cousin, Head of Internal Communication, Chalhoub Group