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HyLife’s 7 Proven Ways to Have Outstanding Employee Engagement

November 9, 2022
45 minutes

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November 9, 2022

Reskilling, upskilling, and flexible development opportunities are top priority for frontline business leaders. Professional learning and development are critical to creating a positive employee experience people want to be a part of; especially for frontline employees. With hundreds of millions of jobs worldwide due to be transformed thanks to workplace technology, people will need to be reskilled and upskilled to keep up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What we’ll cover

  • HyLife’s innovative approach to using digital communication to connect and engage more than 4,000 distributed (and often geographically isolated) employees
  • A play-by-play on creative strategies for boosting employee engagement, productivity and retention
  • The positive impact that better employee engagement has on their company culture
  • And much more


Tim Focht

Lead Marketing Coordinator, HyLife

Katie Chaput

Marketing & Communications Coordinator, HyLife

Sarah Moore

CMO, Beekeeper

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