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6 Strategies to Win Guest Satisfaction in 2023

August, 25, 2022, 10am PT/ 1:00pm ET
40 minutes

August 25, 2022

Guest Satisfaction continues to fall as demand and prices rise. How will you combat this balancing act in 2023?

As travel volume increases following the pandemic “the surge in demand and steadily climbing prices have not been met with a corresponding improvement in amenities or services. Overall hotel guest satisfaction declined from 2021, driven primarily by dissatisfaction with the guest experience.”

Join us as we sit down with hospitality industry insider, Anja Luthje. She brings 30 years of international hospitality experience, and has held leadership positions at Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula, and InterContinental Hotels Groups. During this webinar, she’ll reveal how you’re going to improve your guest satisfaction scores in 2023.

What we’ll cover

Hospitality front desk employee welcoming a guest.
  • Strategies to prepare, plan, and invest in guest satisfaction to win 2023
  • How to craft an exceptional guest journey that sets you apart from the competition
  • Budgeting tactics to enable your organization to deliver on your guest satisfaction strategy


Anja Luthje

Founder CEO, Unique Hospitality Solutions

Andrada Paraschiv

VP Hospitality, Beekeeper

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