Communication Tool
for Nonprofits

The mobile-first team app for NGOs that allows every employee, especially those on the front lines, to collaborate in one centralized productivity hub. Integrate with your existing systems, instantly communicate in 100+ languages, and work better together.

Guarantee Delivery When You Need it Most

“71% of users have confirmed reading this message. Do you want to follow up with the rest?”

Deliver important updates and reminders to everyone’s chat inbox

Get instant confirmation that the message was received and understood (no signature required)

Make sure important news reaches everyone fast, no matter what language they speak

Stay Agile with Mobile Announcements

Share critical announcements with newsfeed-style streams and digital signage.

Share company-wide updates in seconds

Enable optional, two-way conversation

Keep content relevant with targeted streams

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Lead from the Front(lines)

Get your teams firing on all cylinders and optimize internal processes. Provide direct access to training and SOPs through secure file sharing. Reduce absenteeism with mobile accessible shift schedules.

Get Work Done Faster with Secure Chats

Resolve issues faster and keep track of workplace communication with 1:1 and group chats.

Maximize efficiency by connecting teams directly to their managers

Fast, clear communication with voice messaging, files, videos, and photos

Guarantee delivery with read receipts

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Secure Onboarding (no email or passwords needed)

Get new employees set up in less than a minute.

Log in new employees with ease using QR codes

Print personalized invitations or send them via SMS or email

Better utilize HR resources by automating onboarding workflows

Digitize Forms for Faster Workflows

Scrap slow paper processes — give frontline employees access to digital forms.

Make equipment and sick leave requests easy to find and fill out

Submit maintenance request forms on mobile

Share submissions automatically with relevant teams so they can react fast

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