Your Guide to Internal Communication for Frontline Industries

Master the art of internal communication for frontline teams. Streamline operations and align your entire workforce.

Effective internal communication is the secret to managing high performing frontline teams. Did you know that companies with employee communication tools see 47% higher total returns than businesses who don’t communicate efficiently? Your ability to convey the right message at the right time has a major impact on your business. Poor communication can result in low morale, increased customer complaints, and higher employee turnover, which can devastate your bottom line.

Investing in a secure, centralized employee communication platform that can easily be accessed on your team’s mobile devices is the most efficient, cost-effective way to improve your team’s productivity, and ultimately help grow your business.

Our guide reveals how to:

  • Improve internal communication between management and frontline employees

  • Measure internal communication ROI

  • Streamline payroll and onboarding, saving your HR team hours of time

“One Aldwych hotel has been delighted to work with Beekeeper to improve our internal communication. The platform has enabled us to provide a fast, efficient and fun way to communicate with our colleagues. Beekeeper has made an instant impact and has received terrific feedback from our teams. We would certainly recommend Beekeeper as a modern and effective way of sharing information.”

Julia Frederick, HR Director, One Aldwych