How to Improve Health and Safety for Hourly Workers

How to Improve Health and Safety for Hourly Workers

How to Use Technology to Make Frontline Work Safer

High turnover and low engagement continue to create challenges for frontline-majority businesses. In short, hourly shift workers want better pay, equitable treatment, and safer working conditions. If unmet, businesses run the risk of losing scores of essential workers. 

In addition to providing bonuses, raises, flexible shifts, and more, companies are also re-evaluating health and safety conditions — particularly for essential workers. 

The nature of frontline work often comes with potential health and safety risks for employees. 

This guide will provide actionable tips for business leaders and frontline managers to improve the health and safety of frontline workers. 

You’ll learn

  • How small environmental changes like AC and anti-fatigue mats can help keep workers comfortable and safe on the job
  • How to use mobile technology to automate and digitize paper-based processes
  • How to crowdsource safety ideas directly from frontline workers