Beekeeper application integrations allow your non desk employees, frontline workers, and mobile workforce to communicate through a secure employee app. Our internal communications platform features group messaging, chats, streams, and more. It is a workplace app that connects your entire workforce.
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Where Technology Meets People

Today, non-desk employees don’t regularly have access to operational systems and communication channels in a mobile-first solution that actually works for them.

We’re here to change that.

Imagine a world where you could open a single app that had all your tools in one place that everyone had access to, including non-desk workers.

Beekeeper is digitizing every single employee.

Game-Changing System Integrations

Merge existing operational systems like ERP, PMS, payroll, scheduling, file sharing, task management (you name it) into the Beekeeper app for the ultimate employee experience.

Useful off-the-shelf integrations live in the Beekeeper Marketplace, while the Beekeeper Developer Portal allows organizations with deeper technological resources to add custom integrations and merge existing systems, unlocking unlimited possibilities.

Unleash your operational potential

Discover top apps and integrations


Learn how digitizing your non-desk workforce will improve operations, internal communications, and productivity across all your teams.

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