The experiences and growth from the early days of Beekeeper have taught us that taking smart risks and trying new things pays off. We are looking for bright, bold talent to build and sell the digital workplace of the future. Sounds like you?
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Ownership & Innovation

This is not your typical everyday job. You are the owner and creator of your limits. How your role at Beekeeper develops is up to you. As our company grows, you grow with it and have a direct impact on the product and internal processes.


We practice what we preach and use our own platform for internal communication. This is how we keep everyone strongly connected, aligned, and empowered to collaborate effectively across all offices.

Better Together

As an international company, there are over 20 different nationalities on our team. It doesn’t matter where you come from, it only matters where you want to go and that we are in this together. Open, honest, and consistent feedback is the key to our close-knit culture.


Jobs at Beekeeper

Oakland, Unites States

Kraków, Poland



bee brave

Every time we fail we have a new opportunity to learn. Getting it wrong is a great way to find out if what you thought you knew was correct. As long as we keep learning and moving forward then we’re doing it right.


be open

We are open to new ideas, constructive feedback, and different perspectives. These are the best drivers of innovation; they help us find the best solutions and propel us forward to continually improve.


bring out the best

We believe in the power, potential, and value of every. single. employee. Especially for our own team here at Beekeeper. It’s important to work together, bee positive, and inspire each other because we succeed when our team does.


keep it simple

This means not getting lost in processes, hypotheticals, and theories. It means making small changes and trying things out to see if they work before spending more time on a project that might not have the results we expect.


be proactive

By definition, this means influence situations by making things happen rather than waiting and reacting after.



Thumbnail Health and Wellness
Fresh fruits, snacks, coffee… We promote healthy living via the internal programs we host such as Crossfit in Zurich and reimbursing gym memberships in the USA and Krakow.
Thumbnail Bee University & Bee-Hack Days
Bee-hacks are internal workshops in Zurich to share knowledge. Join this global initiative to help drive creativity and innovation!
Thumbnail Culture
We are a tight-knit hive and our interactive app brings us even closer, especially across international borders. We host boardgames nights in most office locations
Thumbnail Innovative and Curious Team
Join a global team of diverse thinker, innovative dreamers and curious people.
Thumbnail Team Events & Outings
From Skiing in Switzerland to Wine tasting in Oakland, each of our Hives has its own unique team events. Join us and you can be doing all of these too
Thumbnail Bee Eqip
 All Bee's are given a laptop (MacBook or Lenovo) upon joining, and Beekeeper provides compensation for employee phone bills in every location.
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