The Rise of the Frontline Worker: How to Turn Your Frontline Workforce Into Your Biggest Competitive Advantage

Now available on Amazon, “The Rise of the Frontline Worker” explores the critical significance of the modern-day frontline workforce and unpacks why these essential employees will play a crucial role in the global economic recovery process. In it, Beekeeper Co-Founder and CEO, Cristian Grossmann, examines the changes that frontline-majority industries have undergone as a result of COVID-19.

This book offers business leaders a clear roadmap for how to improve their operations, along with examples and actionable advice designed to guide decision-makers in restructuring traditional approaches to efficiency, digital enablement, and employee engagement.

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Who Should Read It?

This is an essential business book for senior management in retail, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, or any industry that employs a large number of frontline workers.

Why Should You Read It?

2.7 billion of the world’s workforce are frontline workers. This book explains how business leaders can transform their organization by making these mission-critical employees more effective, efficient, motivated, and happier in their work.

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