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Construction Zone: A Digital Workplace for Seamless Communications

As companies grow and expand, they often undergo construction to their office space. This sudden upheaval of their environment can be chaotic for employees and disruptive to their workflows. Fortunately, providing a space for a digital workplace can right the ship and keep a company’s foundation stable during these times of transition, which includes seamless communications.

Frontline employees already feel less connected to their jobs than desk-based workers. The disruption that comes with a workplace under construction can further distance these essential team members and impact employee engagement. Before you begin a workplace build-out, adopt an internal communications strategy that includes a mobile team app to give productivity and engagement a boost as the physical workspace changes.

A Seamless Boost App for a Transparent Workplace During Change

One of the biggest advantages to a seamless boost app is its adaptability. It can keep operations running smoothly during times of uncertainty. Building new facilities or renovating your current office space can bring exciting changes that can revitalize your workforce.

But during the actual build employees might become frustrated with working around a construction zone, especially mobile workers who have to maneuver through it on a daily basis. It’s also common for employees to wonder about their future with the company when they see big changes being made.

Use a group messaging platform to reassure your employees with transparent communication. Give them regular updates on construction. Let them know why changes are being made and exactly what impact, if any, it will have on their jobs. A workforce app is designed for inclusivity. Make use of this time to really incorporate your workforce. Get employees excited about the change by sharing plans for the new worksite and their new space within it.

A Team App Creates Continuity of Communication and Workflows

A team app like Beekeeper is a mobile-first solution — a communications tool that works wherever and whenever an employee needs. During office construction or renovations, normal communication channels — like phones and email — have blackout periods when they are offline. A digital workplace is always on. In fact, workforce apps have helped companies communicate with employees during natural disasters when all other modes of communication were unavailable.

Seamless internal communication means your dispersed workforce can perform their jobs with limited disruption during construction. Align your frontline employees with corporate headquarters through a mobile workforce app. This level of unified messaging will also translate to uninterrupted customer service.

Demonstrate Resilient Leadership

During construction, your team will look to you for guidance. Be a resilient leader. The more confidence you exhibit, the less they’ll be affected by construction. Use your digital workplace to effectively communicate with employees.

  • Be transparent and set realistic expectations — communicate why the company needs the construction to get employee buy-in.
  • Message different teams separately to ensure their needs are met during construction.
  • Update your employees on the construction schedule.
  • Make yourself available for questions from your frontline employees.
  • Nothing boosts employee engagement like a sense of fun — add a construction countdown clock to your workforce app and celebrate when the new space is ready for your employees.

Complement your online leadership with in-person walk throughs to check on workers. Give them hard hats and show them around the new site. Your job is to keep them engaged and motivated. A construction zone can be chaotic and disruptive without a stabilizing force. A digital workplace will keep internal operations running smoothly without skipping a beat.

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