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3 Ways to Build a Bottom-Up Communication Approach That Supports Frontline Workers

Bottom-Up Communication with Beekeeper

Approximately 80% of working adults fulfill essential, non-desk jobs in industries like retail, healthcare, and travel. It’s these workers on the front lines who provide companies a direct line of access to their customers. On-the-ground employees can offer the best insights about what customers want and need to inform how companies should adjust products and services. As engagement from frontline employees is key to client satisfaction, it only makes sense that these workers should be closely connected to company decision-makers.

Still, frontline employees frequently operate in communication silos, separated completely from corporate headquarter leaders. Without direct access to company decision makers, they’re left detached and unable to effectively impact what happens within their companies.

Unsurprisingly, this nagging disconnect can cause even more widespread disengagement among frontline workers who come to believe their views aren’t being considered or valued by upper management. Remember: A company’s deskless workforce has a significant impact on how customers perceive their brand. So without the loyalty, support, and insights of frontline workers, companies risk alienating the very consumers who are vital to their survival. 

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