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7 Clever Beekeeper Hacks to Boost Your Employees’ Productivity

Mitarbeiter-Apps für eine moderne Unternehmenskultur

Everyone loves a good hack. The only thing better than having a great hack in your back pocket is being the only one who knows it. So, if you’re looking to optimize the way your team uses Beekeeper and learn some expert-level tips and tricks to unlock your team’s productivity, then keep reading.

Here are seven essential Beekeeper hacks to help your team be more productive.

1) Send Campaigns to Remind Your Teams to Submit Their Timecards or Enroll in Benefits

Chasing down employees to get them to complete HR tasks is a hassle, and it takes time away from other work you could be getting done. Now you can remind everyone at once, instantly with a campaign in Beekeeper!

Send out a Campaign to your frontline teams to remind them about open enrollment, timecards or policy updates, and they’ll receive it wherever they are. View reports to uncover who has opened the reminder in real-time, and follow up with those who haven’t in just a few clicks.

2) Prevent Missed Shifts by Sharing Shift Schedules Automatically in Beekeeper

Share shift schedules via Beekeeper’s Shift Schedules feature, via Campaign, or in a dedicated Stream to make sure everyone’s up-to-date on their schedule.

With an updated schedule on their phone, your teams can rest easy knowing they have an up-to-date schedule on-hand, and you can worry less about lost productivity due to accidental absenteeism.

Plus, you can now even link your existing shift scheduling system with Beekeeper to automatically update shift schedules in-app with our brand new Shift Schedules API!

3) Change Procedures Faster by Sharing Guides in Beekeeper’s Document Library

Change is hard. It takes time for everyone on your team to learn new ways of doing things, and even more time for your line managers to explain new procedures over and over. Distribute updated how-to guides and SOPs in an organized document library that your non-desk teams can access when they need it on mobile.

For example, traffic control company Flagger Force saves time by using Beekeeper to distribute updated standards for work zone flagging, so that their teams have access to the information in the field. When it comes time to set up flags, their frontline teams have all the information they need on-hand.

4) Keep Your Employees Engaged and Learning by Sending Them Quizzes with Beekeeper Surveys

Employee engagement survey being conducted on a mobile device using Beekeeper team app automated functionality.

Send a Survey to targeted groups of employees to test their knowledge of job-related procedures, or to the whole company to keep people up-to-date with company news, trivia, or policies.

Pro tip: Pair these quizzes with a Stream of training video posts for group and individual learning!

5) Use Beekeeper for Crowdsourced Innovation!

Poll of hospitality workforce in hotel communication stream about improving guest experience.

Create a Stream where users can contribute ideas to senior management, and reward people whose ideas are eventually implemented across your company.

Your frontline employees will feel more involved in the company’s direction, and you’ll gain valuable insights and ideas to increase efficiency.

6) Get Feedback and Improve Faster with Polls and Surveys

Beekeeper poll feature

Instead of asking everyone individually for feedback or holding a retrospective meeting after a company event or training, share a targeted Survey through Beekeeper Chats, or create a public Poll in a Stream.

You can reach everyone at once and get responses in real-time in the Dashboard.

7) Make it Easy for Employees to Find the Tools They Need in the Beekeeper “More” Tab

With customizable navigation extensions and options for seamless Sign On, you can make it easy for everyone to find and access all of your HR and Operational tools, right from the Beekeeper app! Link your HR portal, task management system, company website, menus and more in the More tab.

These seven Beekeeper productivity hacks may be super simple to master, but they can have a huge impact on your team’s overall performance. Having a secure, centralized, single source of truth for your non-desk employees is crucial in order to keep both morale and productivity at an all-time high.

Want more productivity hacks? Download “The Ultimate Operations Management Strategy for Distributed Workforces.”