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3 Ways to Improve Internal Communication in the Digital Era

The old era of top-down communications from management to staff is over now that unified communications is available with team communication apps like the Beekeeper. It still appears that quite a few methods to improve internal communications departments have yet to catch up with the 21st century.

And yet, companies often overlook funding internal communications in their budgets because the results of these unified communications initiatives can be hard to measure. The value of breaking down communications silos and having a more collaborative communications culture is just starting to be realized. For example, instituting internal communications best practices makes companies 4.5 times more likely to have engaged employees and 20 percent more likely to have less employee turnover. Therefore,  they overlook how to improve internal communication in an organisation

In a digital world that relies on mobile communication and unified communications more and more each day, companies can build a competitive advantage simply by the way they talk to each other. Reason enough for us, to compile three of the best ways to improve internal communication in an organisation.

1. How to Improve Internal Communication in an Organisation: What Gets Measured Gets Managed

measure internal communications

One of the reasons why internal communications initiatives don’t get funded like others is that they are rarely measured. If you’d like to champion better internal communications in your company, start measuring the effectiveness of your efforts. Your metrics don’t have to be complicated — simply measuring participation can be enough to convince higher ups of their efficacy.

2. Ways to Improve Internal Communication in an Organisation: Make “Talking Up” a Priority

talking up internal communications

In too many organizations, management “talks down” to staff and not vice versa. This is the number one internal communications mistake companies make, which is a shame because it can be easily remedied. Some of the most successful startups like Facebook do town halls with CEO Mark Zuckerberg that are broadcast company-wide. Even Q&A’s on your company’s intranet can go a long way in making employees feel heard and also allow management to find ways to improve the company.

3. Ways to Improve Internal Communication: Go Mobile

go mobile communications app

Your employees are spending more and more time on their phones, so take your team communication apps to where they are. If you don’t provide mobile channels for your employees and management to communicate they’ll go elsewhere, or worse, not engage at all.

The ways to improve internal communication aren’t so different than external ones anymore. Much like marketing efforts, you have to go to where your people are. Today your employees are spending most of their time on their phones, and by adjusting to this new reality with communication tools, you can keep them engaged and a create an advantage your competitors won’t be able to match.

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