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Fill every shift and avoid burnout with flexible shift scheduling

Unleash the power of your whole workforce.

Ditch paper, give your people everything they need to do their best work, right in their pocket!

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Frontline Businesses Run on Beekeeper

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All-in-One Frontline Success System

Give your Employees one place to look for shift schedules, paystubs, onboarding, training, tasks, safety checklists, announcements and more.

Employee Engagement

Increase Frontline Engagement & Reduce Turnover

Frontline employees work differently than office staff. Make their jobs easier—from making sure you have enough staff to do the work to improving safety & access to critical info.

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Internal Communication

Simplify and Automate

Translate into 100+ languages, assign & shuffle work in seconds, automate repetitive tasks, and check progress in real-time. Monitor everything on-the-go from your dashboard on the web, tablet, or mobile device.

Operational Productivity

Stop Flying Blind

Capture data that used to be hidden in paper forms and spreadsheets. Managers make better decisions while offering the best possible employee experience.

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Northpoint Group saves $420,480 by digitizing daily health checks

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The leading frontline success system

Take your next big step with us.

Integrations & Automation

Fast Track Frontline Digital Transformation

Save time and IT costs with easy, out-of-the-box integrations, dedicated configuration support, and automated workflows. You can even create custom integrations or workflows with Beekeeper’s open API and suite of tools for developers.

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