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Boost Open Enrollment Participation

Brace yourselves. It’s Open Enrollment season.

This time of year usually sends chills down the spines of HR leaders. Emails. Flyers. Text messages. Constant reminders. HR is stressed. Employees are confused.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Meet Beekeeper. A mobile-friendly frontline success system that streamlines Open Enrollment Communication and saves HR teams AND frontline workers value time. 

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Open Enrollment Company Announcements

Company-wide open enrollment announcements made simple

Reach every single employee no matter where they are, or what language they speak. Beekeeper delivers your message anytime, anyplace, and in any language with instant, inline translation.

Did We Mention ANY Language?

Your frontline workforce is diverse, and multilingual. Make sure important Open Enrollment communication doesn’t get lost in translation. With Beekeeper, every employee can read and understand their options.

Open Enrollment Translation

Give Teams A Single Source of Truth

Your frontline needs instant, easy access to their benefits information. Beekeeper comes fully loaded with a mobile-friendly Documents Library they can access 24/7.

Answer Important Questions Faster With Chats

So many questions. So little time. With Beekeeper’s 1:1 and group chats, managers and HR teams can quickly get employees the answers they need to make the best decisions for their health securely, and discreetly.

Open Enrollment FAQs
Open Enrollment Read Confirmation

Read Receipts = Peace of Mind

As an HR leader, you need to know if employees are actually reading your Open Enrollment announcements. In the dark ages, HR would staple a flier to a bulletin board and hope for the best. Not. Anymore. Beekeeper instantly reveals who’s read your messages — and who hasn’t so you follow up with the right people, or delegate effectively.

Make Life A Little Easier With These Free Templates

• Open Enrollment Checklist for HR leaders

• Benefits Acknowledgement Form

• Open Enrollment Communication Timeline

• Sample Open Enrollment Communication Announcement

• Post-Open Enrollment Employee Survey

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