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Better feedback. Better managers. Better frontline teams.

Frontline managers are responsible for motivating, organizing, and boosting morale for 80% of the workforce at most companies that employ majority frontline workers. They lead the teams that build or sell your products — the last line between your company and your customers. Empowering managers can be the difference between an ineffective, costly team with high turnover, and a happy, motivated, high performing frontline team.

Beekeeper’s Butterfly integration enables managers with fast, high-quality feedback to improve team performance on the front line. With this integration, frontline managers can easily share pulse surveys via Beekeeper Chats to get more frequent feedback from their teams. Managers can access team sentiment and measure their own performance in a real-time dashboard to stay connected to their teams and continuously improve.


With Beekeeper’s Butterfly integration, you can: 

Get more valuable feedback for your managers
Increase participation in pulse surveys by automatically sharing new surveys and survey reminders in Beekeeper Chats.

Remove password pain
Connect your frontline workforce with mobile surveys seamlessly with single sign on from Beekeeper to Butterfly.

Continuously improve team performance on the front line
Provide a mobile channel where employees on the front line can share perspectives with their managers to proactively address workplace challenges and continuously improve processes.


About Butterfly:

Butterfly provides a data-driven approach for managers to get feedback, initiate conversations and strengthen their connection to employees wherever their teams are working.



Category: Survey Software

Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 30 June 2020

Developer: Butterfly.AI