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Gain unprecedented insights into your frontline workforce with Betterworks Engage Surveys for Beekeeper:

* Create highly-customizable employee surveys
* Benefit from cutting-edge analytics for better data-driven decisions
* Boost your company culture, retention and engagement
* Distribute your surveys without email address via Beekeeper!

We’re making no secret about it – Beekeeper loves Betterworks Engage! Beekeeper is proud to offer an integration with Betterworks Engage to step up from our simple surveys. Betterworks Engage has a team of dedicated specialists in feedback and we are blown away by their analytics offering.

Developed for HR leaders and management who wish to gain a deeper understanding of what matters to their frontline employees, Betterworks Engage collects comprehensive feedback and provides the granular real-time analytics they need to prioritize actions and increase engagement, retention and productivity. The integration enables managers to create highly customizable Betterworks Engage employee surveys, target their workforce based on Beekeeper profile data, and view results sliced and diced in Betterworks Engage to gain unprecedented insights into their frontline workforce.

Both Beekeeper and Betterworks Engage are mobile-first, making them ideal for non-desk workforces. Beekeeper is on a mission to help these workforces get their jobs done together in the best, simplest and most engaging way, and thanks to integrations with cutting-edge tools such as Betterworks Engage, you can revolutionize your internal communications, engagement and productivity.

More about Betterworks Engage
Betterworks Engage is a mobile-first employee survey and feedback solution helping organizations get a real-time pulse of their entire workforce. Their customers achieve this through a combination of best-in-class onboarding, engagement and exit surveys, and ad-hoc pulse questions – all of which employees answer on their mobile devices.

Feedback data is analyzed in real-time to help HR, Leadership and people managers understand where the hotspots in the organization are, and prioritize interventions. Betterworks Engage empowers leaders to define data-informed action plans to improve organizational outcomes: a more transparent culture, increased employee engagement, retention, and productivity, to name just a few.


Category: Employee Surveys

Version: 1.0

Developer: Hyphen (Now Betterworks Engage)