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If you use ADP to manage your workforce information such as employee information, the Beekeeper integration allows you to automatically synchronize your ADP employee information with Beekeeper so that this employee info is always current. 

Since you already have crucial workforce information in your ADP system, why create extra work by creating new profiles for each employee? Automatic user synchronization reduces unnecessary duplication of employee information and lowers migration time. Workforce information is automatically onboarded when employees join the team, or offboarded when there are staff departures.

Seamless User Management
Automatically synchronize workforce information from ADP with Beekeeper so your data is always current

Easy Setup, No Maintenance
Easily set up your integration with our expert Success Team, no IT support or maintenance required

Custom Segmentation
The integration will instantly organize your employees into groups according to their profile fields


About ADP

ADP is the largest provider of HR services in the world with a yearly revenue of over 11B USD. Among their services they have a broad software offering in all areas of interest from HCM, Time Management, Payroll, Taxes, Benefits up to Recruiting and Talent Management.


Category: HR Software

Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 6 July 2018

Developer: Beekeeper AG

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West Star Aviation

“The ADP integration allows us to easily manage users. Overall, the whole integration process was effortless. We just downloaded the connector, Beekeeper worked with us to set it up, and it works seamlessly. We haven’t had to lift a finger since. It’s huge. It’s automatic, and it’s reliable. It’s fantastic.”

Amber Kasting, HR Generalist, West Star Aviation