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From Paper to Pixels: Driving Digital Transformation for Frontline Teams

5 Lessons We Learned From Our Customers During COVID-19

How a Global Pandemic Accelerated the Digitization of the Frontline Workforce

COVID-19 pushed businesses, workers, the global economy, and our sanity to its limits. As companies around the world were forced to restructure their operations overnight, the need for clear, reliable communication became dire.

The team here at Beekeeper quickly shifted into high gear and we’ve been busy working closely alongside our customers ever since. Our mission was to understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on their operations, learn how they’ve overcome these challenges, and support them every step of the way.

Countless Zoom calls and email chains later, we’ve compiled the top insights into how companies have leveraged digitization to keep their frontline operations running during a global pandemic.

Here are the top five business insights we learned from our community during the rocky, unpredictable year that we will all remember as 2020.

This white paper will reveal how:

  • Real Beekeeper customers used digitization to improve workforce coordination
  • Companies leveraged real-time communication for operational efficiency
  • The need to digitize processes gave rise to more agile, cross-functional teams within organizations

“Securing the food chain and producing a quality product while keeping people safe is the primary goal through the COVID-19 crisis. Beekeeper has become our primary driver of all communication, especially health and safety. We have been able to give a consistent and calm message to our entire workforce, whether they are on or off-site.”

Dennis Brewster, Learning and Development Manager, HyLife Foods