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Webinar in Air Travel Logistics and Retail

Operational Excellence to Support Frontline Employees

In this 60-minute webinar, Annika Rist from Fiege Air Cargo, Holly Roberts from Avolta UK, Malush Sahitaj from Airline Assistance Switzerland, and Luke Clarke from Beekeeper exchange experiences and advice on elevating frontline team performance in the fast-paced air travel industry. 

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This travel industry-led webinar is designed for professionals in travel retail, aviation services, and travel logistics. During the webinar, we will spotlight a crucial segment of our industry – the frontline workforce. These dedicated individuals face unique operational challenges daily, from managing complex logistics to ensuring efficient service delivery in dynamic environments.

What you’ll experience

We unlock the potential to transform efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, the overall performance and profitability of your operations. Whether you are navigating the intricacies of travel logistics, the precision of aviation services, or the customer-centric world of travel retail, this webinar will provide valuable insights and actionable solutions


Annika Rist


Holly Roberts 

Regional HR Advisor

Malush Sahitaj 

People & Culture Manager

Luke Clarke 

Account Manager

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