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From Paper to Pixels: Driving Digital Transformation for Frontline Teams

Welcome to Bee School! 

Our first webinar series, Bee School, was designed to help managers lead their teams and run successful companies. Think of it as Beekeeper’s spin on business school — classes that tackle real-world challenges in the workplace taught by industry veterans who are experts in their fields. 

CLASS #1 If Not You, Who? Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement

How are operations and employee engagement related? What’s the cost of a disengaged workforce? Jill Christensen, employee engagement expert and best-selling author, reveals her proven four-step strategy to re-engage employees and how to get senior leaders involved.

Bee School
Leadership Program

by Dr. Linda Herkenhoff
Leading teams is an art form that is continually being refined through years of experience and continuing education. We’ve teamed up with MBA professor, Dr. Linda Herkenhoff, who will share a portion of her business school course, Organizational Behavioral Management.

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• Motivation at Work
• National Culture
• Professional Culture
• Organizational Culture
• Emotional Intelligence
• Leadership and Followership

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Motivation at Work

Delve into the key motivational theories presented in a very applied approach and learn how to apply these theories globally.


National Culture

Gain the knowledge and tools for working with varied national cultures.


Professional Culture

Discover the importance of a professional culture and what steps you can take to ensure yours is healthy.


Organizational Culture

Learn what organizational culture is, how it varies from professional culture, how to measure it, and how to drive a strong one to increase productivity.


Emotional Intelligence

Find out how to look beyond basic emotional intelligence and fine-tune your approach by taking all three types of culture into account.

CLASS #6 Leadership and Followership

Discover how these are both critical to organizational success, dive into various leadership models, followership behaviors, and evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

About Professor

Dr. Linda Herkenhoff

Linda Herkenhoff is a leading expert in the field of leadership and organizational behavior with a proven theoretical and practical track record of managing successful teams. She is a professor at the Graduate School of Business at Saint Mary’s College of California, has over 16 years of experience as a consultant for senior management at Bechtel, and held an Executive Director position at Stanford.

About Beekeeper

Beekeeper’s mobile platform is the single point of contact for your frontline workforce. With all communications and tools in one place, Beekeeper empowers frontline employees to be more agile, more productive, and create a safer workplace. Deskless workers can check resources and share best practices in real time.

Managers can resolve issues quickly, handle non-routine work efficiently, and track team performance. Executives can increase business resilience and agility in uncertain times. Our secure platform offers a consumer-grade employee experience at the scale you need. Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems to create the future, now.