U.S. Nursing Homes At Risk of Coronavirus: Company Commits to Connecting Workforces With Free Access to Communications Software

Here at Beekeeper, our number one mission each and every day is to help frontline workers around the world stay connected and informed, particularly during times of uncertainty, like the one companies around the world are currently experiencing as a result of the coronavirus. 

As information surrounding the coronavirus epidemic continues, workforces all over the world are scrambling to try and realign themselves with new safety protocols. Many companies from Amazon to Twitter have issued new policies encouraging employees to work from home and reducing travel, suspend non-essential corporate events, or even mandate employees to work remotely in an effort to protect their workforces, and the general public from the coronavirus. 

In recent days, more and more workplaces are turning to employee communications platforms as the need for constant connectivity rises. 

Zoom, a leader in videoconferencing software, was one of the first employee communication tools to jump into the fray and offer a host of services free of charge to companies struggling to connect with their newly remote office workers. 

In an effort to provide further support to frontline workers during this time,  Beekeeper is following suit, and we're now offering a free version of our software to senior living communities. 

This initiative comes on the heels of a growing concern around the vulnerability of senior citizens to the coronavirus and how important it is for healthcare professionals to stay connected in order to care for them. 

Rise in Remote Work Causes Massive Uptick in Workplace Collaboration Tools

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Every company has stakeholders they need to connect with during a crisis. How does mobile help?

While battening down the hatches and sending everyone away to work from home may be a sound solution for some businesses, it's important to remember that 80% of the world's workforce is comprised of frontline workers. These employees simply don't have the option to "just go home." So how do companies keep their non-desk workers connected during a crisis like the coronavirus?

The reality is that frontline workers — especially those in the healthcare field — play a key role in protecting the general public. Because of this, it's more important than ever to ensure that these workers have the tools they need to stay informed and up to date on the latest news and best practices. 

Connecting Frontline Workers When They Need Information the Most

According to Healthaffairs.org, “coordination and communication” are essential in order for healthcare providers to successfully handle an emergency situation.

Communication Among Healthcare Workers Becomes Critical

– Healthaffairs.org

“Governments and healthcare institutions must ensure a clear system for coordination and communication with frontline workers so that staff are kept apprised of the current recommendations.


Outbreaks are rapidly-evolving situations, and recommendations for control and response frequently change as more information is obtained. Absent coordination, healthcare workers may be misinformed about the disease and unable to treat patients or protect themselves effectively."

How Employee Communication Tools Help Protect Healthcare Workers

In accordance with recommendations from both government and health officials, any person working in the healthcare field is strongly encouraged to remain in constant contact with their co-workers and to stay on top of the latest news and updates. 

  • Post “Quick Hygiene Tips to Stay Healthy” and use a “coronavirus” label 
  • Post Travel Guidelines 
  • Pin a post with symptoms to watch for 
  • Post updates to Standard Operating Procedures or Uniform Requirements
  • Post video guides for hand washing best practices

Newsfeed Posts

  • Send a direct message campaign with updates to uniform requirements 
  • Send a campaign with updated cleaning requirements and request confirmation from recipients

Communications Campaigns

  • If you have standing meetings or training related to updated procedures, send out a quiz via a mobile survey afterward to make sure your team is retaining the information.


  • Create a dedicated group chat so employees have a place to go to ask questions relating to coronavirus 


Here are some tips to keep your team healthy:

Free Internal Communications App During COVID-19

Beekeeper understands the importance of centralized and secure communication for teams and departments during this uncertain health crisis. 

For this reason, Senior Living Center workers can use Beekeeper free of charge during the crisis.*

How to get access:

Fill out the form

We'll create your company Beekeeper app, including a coronavirus news stream

You invite colleagues and use Beekeeper free of charge

*Use of Beekeeper is free until June 1st, 2020 and will not be automatically renewed. After the deadline, the account will be deactivated.

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