UKG Employee Voice

Easily send surveys from UKG Employee Voice to your frontline workforce in Beekeeper Chats.

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Reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to survey your frontline employees. By leveraging Zapier, this integration makes it easy to collect feedback from your employees using surveys that are already built out in UKG Employee Voice.

Collect valuable insights from your frontline workforce
Gathering feedback from your frontline employees doesn’t have to be a lengthy, manual process. Spend less time sending out links to surveys and more time taking action.

Increase completion rates with survey flexibility
Send anonymous or non-anonymous surveys, whichever best suits your needs. Either way, survey links are sent directly to employee inboxes in Chats.

Set up with Zapier means no coding required
Beekeeper’s CSE team will work with your technical teams to set up the integration via Zapier – minimize IT requirements.


Category: Employee Engagement

Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 9 September 2021

Developer: Beekeeper AG