Pin Code & Biometric Login

Add an extra security step to the Beekeeper app login process

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Protect your company’s communications at the team member level with pin code & biometric unlock for Beekeeper.

With pin code and biometric unlock, your company can add another layer of security to your work app. Keep operational communication and sensitive information secure on each employee device.

Easy set up for team members
Pin code setup is simple to set up and manage. Employees just need to follow a couple simple prompts when they first log in to set up their pin code and any biometric authentication enabled on their device.

Customize and edit on the go
Team members can reset their pin code or turn biometric authentication on and off, right from Settings in the Beekeeper app.

Security without friction
While an added security step will always add a bit of extra time, with biometric login, it only takes a few seconds for team members to securely access the information they need.

This feature is included in the Enterprise pricing plan, or as an add-on feature.


Category: Security

Version: 1.0

Developer: Beekeeper AG