eBook: 15 Best Practices For Employee Engagement

Take proactive steps to facilitate employee engagement with mobile collaboration software

15 Best Practices for Employee Engagement eBook

Recent studies suggest that 87% of employees are disengaged at work. This staggering figure clearly reflects the need for better employee engagement strategies and programs and spotlights a harsh financial reality. Disengaged workforces cost companies billions annually, while engaged employees demonstrate more investment and productivity, translating into higher business earnings.

Employee engagement is an especially important metric to monitor and encourage with a mobile workforce as connecting frontline workers in dispersed locations can be challenging. Beekeeper collaboration software makes employee engagement for frontline workers and mobile workforces alike simple with digital internal communication.

This eBook will provide practical tips for employee engagement using collaboration software to:

  • Build a stronger company culture and engaged employees with improved connection

  • Empower your mobile workforce with accessible, transparent information sharing so both recognition and company goals are highly visible

  • Utilize digital internal communication tools to leverage your frontline workers’ customer service experience to gain valuable insights and improve business processes

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“Beekeeper has created a community where people want to give extra effort and go above and beyond. Employee engagement has definitely enhanced at this property and we would have seen much higher turnover if it weren’t for this tool.”

Jason Brown, Director of People Operations, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge