Teams Work Better Together with Beekeeper

Beekeeper is the only mobile communication platform your workforce will ever need. Schedule shifts, send messages securely, and share files with your employees with one easy-to-use app.
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Everything Employees Need. In Their Pocket.

Beekeeper is so much more than a mobile messaging app. Operational features help your team stay organized and on-task. Get instant access to shift schedules, training documents, and SOPs right from your mobile device. Access to the resources you need — anytime, anywhere.

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Measure What Matters

A powerful analytics dashboard gives you real-time usage data to help you benchmark and measure your internal communication and engagement efforts.

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Internal Communication that Goes the Distance

Reach all frontline teams at once — regardless of their department, or location. Make sure your message is heard with Beekeeper’s confirmation campaigns and read receipts. Smash silos and build a cohesive culture centered around workforce collaboration.

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Simplify HR Processes

Are your employees missing the message? Minimize miscommunication and ensure information reaches your frontline teams. With Beekeeper, you can automate onboarding training and digital employee surveys so HR can focus on what it does best — helping humans.

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Simple IT Solution. Big Business Impact.

Powerful enough to use as a stand-alone tool, yet flexible enough to integrate with your company’s existing tech stack. Beekeeper helps you achieve your business goals by doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. No maintenance. No hassle. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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“We’re an organization where the vast majority of our workforce doesn’t have access to traditional forms of communication like email and text messaging. Beekeeper has created a platform where we can communicate with everyone instantly.”

Jason Brown, Director of People Operations, 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
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“Beekeeper has revolutionized our internal communications at Seaboard Foods. Not just for recognizing employees, but for operational communications as well. The app is very intuitive and easy to use. It's simplicity has been key to our adoption.”

Beth Holz, Communications Specialist, Seaboard Foods

“We use Beekeeper for daily briefings. Beekeeper enables this kind of increased preparation in terms of getting info that is relevant to your shift. The ability to communicate with colleagues has improved significantly since the adoption of Beekeeper.” 

The Heathrow Team, Heathrow Airport, UK
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“Beekeeper replaces all departmental WhatsApp groups. This allows employees to interact internally and we retain control over our data. It also ensures that all employees receive the same information for their daily work.”

Guido Schöttler, Executive Director, Gebr. Leffers GmbH & Co. KG

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