I'm originally from Taiwan, where I studied Mathematics before moving to Zurich for my master studies. My passion is to try things I’ve never done before, which makes me feel excited about life.

Sammi, Data Management Specialist

Do you have a guiding principle, motto, 

or quote you live by?

“Just do it”. I am not the kind of person who worries too much about the future. Instead I try to enjoy the present and have no regrets. I always tell myself that i will never know what happens unless I don’t try.

Who is your role model, who inspires you?

I don’t have one to be honest, because I believe everyone is different and I don’t want to be just like someone else. I appreciate that in my life I’ve met a lot of awesome people who inspire me in many different ways. I hope one day I will also be able to inspire others. 

What is your proudest moment in your professional career?

Getting my Swiss work permit and being able to stay in Switzerland I would say. It was quite difficult for me as a foreigner and a young graduate to get it. Most companies send you a rejection email once they know you don’t have a work permit. Luckily, Beekeeper offered me the chance to stay with the company after my internship, even though it was a lot of work for them to apply for it. 

What is your advice to young 

women in tech?

Don’t limit yourself. I know a lot of young students often have high expectations about their future job, but what happens in most cases is that your future job will be different from what you imagined. So don’t have too many expectations and you won’t feel disappointed. Just go step by step and you will be fine!

Moving all the way from Taipei to Zurich alone. I used to be a very protected child and never thought about moving to somewhere else before turning 18. Until I went to Liechtenstein for my exchange semester, I didn’t know how to cook or how to use the laundry machine. In 2017 I was able to settle down in Zurich with everything well organised by myself, which is the achievement I’m most proud of.

What personal achievements are you proud of?

I wouldn’t say I have faced big challenges as a woman in tech, but rather as a graduate in this field. The biggest challenge for me as a young professional is not knowing where I will be in the next 5 years. On the other hand, since I don’t have a clear career goal yet and don’t want to limit myself, I simply enjoy what I am doing at the moment. I believe working with this attitude will bring me to the right place in the future.

What is the biggest challenge 

you’ve ever faced as a woman in tech?

How do you measure your success?

Whenever I feel happy! There are different definitions of success, but if you don’t define what it means to you, you can’t measure it. Therefore my definition of success is to feel good and happy. Careerwise, I can feel happy when I achieve something at work, but I can also feel happy just because I am in a good mood, which is a daily kind of success.


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