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I am Roxy, a woman in tech from Berlin.

I am specialized in product related marketing and I love working on innovative products like Beekeeper. Here at Beekeeper I am the Marketing Manager for the DACH region. I am a true Berliner and I love the city for its diverse and vibrant tech scene. One of my biggest passions is empowering women in tech, I do so by co-organizing a meetup group called Women Techmakers Berlin. In my free time I like to take my dog for walks, play games and go to/organize tech meetups. 

Roxy, Marketing Manager DACH

Do you have a guiding principle, motto, 

or quote you live by?

My motto is quite simple, I try to keep positive no matter how tough some situations might get. Usually everything works out somehow - even if I sometimes don't see how yet ;) 

Who is your role model, who inspires you?

I am a Women Techmaker Organizer, which is a global meetup group for Women in Tech. Through my work there I meet many inspiring women every day. 

Recently I got inspired by Amanda Cavallaro (@chibichibibr) a fellow WTM Organizer and friend because she is doing a lot for the community while also working a full time job and learning new technologies. Another recent inspiration I got from a talk I saw as part of the WTM International Women's Day Celebration. The talk was about ReDi School of digital integration, a school for tech-interested newcomers applying for asylum in Germany. 

It was very inspiring to see some of the success stories of the women from ReDi School, especially because most of them faced incredible challenges in life.

How do you measure your success?

Simple answer, I don’t. At least I try to avoid that type of thinking outside of work. For me it is important to learn new things, get inspired and have fun. I care about human interaction and it is satisfying for me to do something meaningful by helping others. The closest thing that comes to measuring my success would be crossing off items from my to-do list.

What is your proudest moment 

in your professional career?

I love inspiring people and spreading good energy. It makes me proud when I manage to change someone's perception or get them excited about something outside their field of expertise. For example, in my last job I got a group of programmers into marketing and branding. My proudest moment was when they started approaching me about ideas and I could tell that my work didn’t only get them interested in the topic but also empowered them to contribute ideas in a field out of their area of expertise.

What personal achievements are you proud of?

I am proud of myself and I take pride in everything I do. I think it is important for everyone and especially women to be proud of achievements but also failures - which are sometimes more interesting anyways ;) Some of my achievements that I am most proud of are: my contribution to empowering women in tech, being part of a supportive community and having a network of great and empowering friends. 

What is the biggest challenge 

you’ve ever faced as a woman in tech?

When it comes to being a woman in tech, from what I have experienced, it is often not the co-workers treating you differently but sadly the leadership. This is a huge problem because leaders set part of the culture in a company and one would expect that they should be the first ones to be trained and educated about diversity. If your mentor or leader treats you differently because of your gender, you will have a very hard time reaching your career goals. The tricky thing is that often this „being treated differently“ is not so obvious and this can lead to women or other minorities questioning themselves, wanting to give up or losing confidence. This leads to a downward spiral and this is why each and every person in a company not only needs to be sensitized about those unconscious biases but also take an active role in fighting them.

What is your advice to young 

women in tech?

Unite. As women, we are trained from a very young age to compete with each other. The only way we can all grow and make an impact in the world is by uniting and helping each other out.


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