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My passport says that I'm Italian, but my heart is European. I have been living in different European cities since I was 18 and I love the cultural mix of Europe. I am passionate about technology, scaling businesses, macroeconomics, cats, women in the workplace, equality, good food and great wine... you pick the order. I did all sorts of things at Beekeeper, at the moment I am building up our product marketing efforts.

Lisa, Head of Product Marketing

Do you have a guiding principle, motto, 

or quote you live by?

Do what the duck you want, just don't hurt people.

Who is your role model, who inspires you?

Everyday women (and some men). Anyone who strives towards building a more equal, happier and positive world and believes that we can change things.

How do you measure your success?

My own happiness and the one of the people around me: my husband, my family, my team.

What is your proudest moment in your professional career?

Any day. Every time I decide to do something new and push my boundaries. Every time I realize that I have grown.

What is your advice to young women 

in tech?

Don't let the fear of failure hold you back.

Believing in myself, believing that I am not worth less than others and demonstrating that to anyone who disagrees.

What is the biggest challenge 

you’ve ever faced as a woman in tech?

I am proud of who I am and what I have done, personally and professionally. There is no single achievement that makes me proud. It's the compound and the little things that makes me who I am today.

What personal achievements are you proud of?


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