Case Study: Seaboard Foods

“Beekeeper has helped us connect, inform, and recognize all of our employees.”


Seaboard Foods is a connected food system in the U.S. that handles everything before the farm and beyond the plate. Their 5,000 employees are spread over six states, including more than 500 pig farms, a pork processing plant, two biodiesel plants, feed mills, and a full logistics infrastructure.

Less than 12% of employees had access to email or the corporate intranet, making disseminating information efficiently to production workers the biggest challenge. It was also hard to maintain a transparent corporate culture. Beekeeper solved these problems by creating a custom employee communication app called SBF Connect.

This case study will tell you how Beekeeper helped Seaboard Foods to:

  • Communicate critical information to field employees

  • Maintain a tight-knit culture during expansion

  • Educate teams and improve operations

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"For production workers, a lot of things were simply not communicated because we lacked a communication flow that could effectively reach our teams in the field. We needed another avenue where we could reach employees whom we couldn't reach before."

Beth Holz, Communications Specialist, Seaboard Foods