Case Study: German Red Cross

“With Beekeeper, our communication is now easier and more transparent.”


The Säckingen County Association is part of the German Red Cross (DRK), an organization with four million members in total. The DRK Säckingen County Association has employees across several departments, including rescue, crew duty, mobile social, and home care emergency services. Due to the time-sensitive nature of emergency aid services the DRK provides, the ability to communicate with all employees in real-time is critical. The organization previously used WhatsApp to communicate, but it had too many limitations including a lack of data security. Beekeeper solved this problem with its secure platform that makes information easily accessible to everyone.

This case study will tell you how Beekeeper helped the German Red Cross to:

  • Communicate critical information to field workers

  • Increase read rates by 20%

  • Reduce labor, transport, and printing costs

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"With Beekeeper, our communication is now easier and more transparent. In the past, it was much more complicated to inform employees. Today it’s simpler, more transparent, and encouraging employee involvement isn't as challenging."

Jose Morla, Deputy Rescue Services and IT/Data Protection Officer, German Red Cross