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Privacy Package

We respect data privacy above all else. We believe our users should be able to enjoy Beekeeper without fearing their engagement with the app is being used to measure their performance. That’s why we’ve released a package of new optional features to help you respect personal data privacy in your company’s Beekeeper app.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you wish to use any features in this package:

  1. Hide “User Activity” on profiles in the web app so that posts created, likes, and comments are not visible to other users. The total count of likes, comments and posts remains.

  2. Hide “Last Seen” on user profiles to prevent others from seeing when an individual was last on the app.

  3. Hide the names of users who have liked posts and comments and display only the total number of likes to prevent others being able to track an individual’s preferences.



What else is new?

  • Check out the newest release notes and keep track of what’s in our pipeline via the profile drop-down menu in your Beekeeper Dashboard.
  • We improved the status messages in the moderation inbox on the Dashboard to be more informative.


What we fixed

  • Notifications no longer show for posts which were already moderated and removed.
  • The “no scheduled posts” label on streams is no longer visible for those who do not have posting rights for the stream. The edited time and date for scheduled posts is now also reflected in the Stream view.
  • Group Chat conversations were still showing in the inbox of users who had been removed from the conversation. We made sure that when users are removed from a group chat, it is no longer visible to them.
  • The “Users” tab on the dashboard should now load correctly. Previously it was occasionally showing as empty.
  • Hitting “enter” while typing a label for a post replaced what had been typed with a defined stream label. This is now fixed.
  • Various issues were fixed regarding the UltiPro user sync app incorrectly removing users from groups.
  • The order of images on a post was changing when the post was edited or pinned. We made sure the images you upload remain in the correct order, even after the post is edited.
  • Posts pulled into streams from external sources via an RSS integration were ignoring stream settings such as deactivated commenting. This is now fixed.
  • German Dashboard translations for the moderation inbox were broken in Internet Explorer and showing as “Administration” instead of “Moderation”. The moderation inbox is now correctly labelled.




Empty states

If you haven’t used certain engagement features before, the empty state for these features in the dashboard is now more informative and provides helpful information about what the feature is. Some of our users may have noticed this feature arrive a few months ago, but it has now been enabled by default for all of our customers.

Chat improvements now enabled for all users

Chat message receipts, typing notifications, scroll to bottom and “last read” markers are now enabled by default for almost all customers, except if customers have asked to be excluded.


What else is new?

  • You can now see why an SFTP user sync import failed thanks to a helpful new error message.
  • It is now possible to see if permissions for a user are inherited from a group in the Streams section of the Dashboard.
  • German and French have been made more formal, replacing "Salut" with "Bonjour" and "Hallo" with "Guten Tag" in paper invites, moderation messages, login notifications, digest emails etc.
  • The written content in the dashboard moderation inbox was improved to be more professional.  
  • Leaving group chats, muting//unmuting chats and archiving/unarchiving chats is now faster.
  • If you access the web app from mobile, it should now be translated. Previously it was English only.
  • Emojis are now rendered correctly everywhere on Web.
  • Search on Mobile has been ramping up over the past few weeks and is also linked to a lot of backend improvements in the Dashboard analytics. We’re testing the feature on ourselves first, and will then conduct a staged release to small groups of customers.


What we fixed

  • User imports with 0 users no longer cause the system to freeze.
  • Notifications about posts that have been moderated and removed no longer show.
  • The edited date/time for scheduled posts is now reflected in the stream view.
  • Conversations were still showing in the inbox after users left a group chat, but were no longer accessible. We made sure that when you leave a group chat, it is no longer visible.
  • The order of images on a post now remains the same after the post is edited or pinned.
  • Hitting ‘enter’ after typing in a label for a post was adding a defined stream label instead of your text. This is now fixed.