Release Notes - Beekeeper Platform



Beekeeper Platform - August 2019


What's new

If you’re currently testing Documents, you’ll love these improvements!

  • It is now possible to copy secure links to files and folders in Documents to share within Beekeeper. 
  • You can now also upload more file types to Documents folders. The full list of accepted file types is: pdf, jpg, gif, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx. 

If you're interested in testing Documents, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Customer Support. 


What else is new?

  • CSV and Excel exports from the Admin Dashboard now include a UTC+0 timestamp based on your default timezone. Tip: You can edit the default timezone of your Beekeeper platform under ‘General Settings’ in the Dashboard. 


What we fixed

  • Group admins can no longer generate QR codes for Location admins.



Beekeeper Platform - July 2019


What's new

  • Engagement Benchmarking: compare activation rate and other key engagement metrics across multiple Locations and Groups from the Admin Dashboard. This replaces the tab “Engagement by Profile Field”, which has now been deactivated.
  • Send Chat messages or create Posts to remind employees of specific anniversaries (birthdays, work anniversaries, expiring certificates) based on Profile Field data. Newly available with Zapier. For more information on how to set this up, check this Birthday Reminders Help Center Article.
  • Location Admins can generate individual paper invitations for users in their Location. Check the Locations Help Center Article for more information on how to enable and use Locations.
  • Display a subheader in 1:1 chats with role or (Zapier-enabled) out of office status. Please ask your Customer Success Manager for more information on this new optional feature.


What we fixed

  • Small performance and reliability improvements for User Sync Apps.
  • Payslips from Mirus can now once again be opened from Beekeeper.
  • Global Admins can once again generate individual paper invitations (this affected only customers using Locations).
  • Chat widget is now translated into German for German-speaking customers.
  • Improvements in viewing photos sent in Chats on the web app.



Beekeeper Platform - June 2019


What's new

  • Location Admins can now import users directly to their Location. It is also possible to specify in the import whether each user is an Administrator (A) or a Member (M). However, this user specification is an optional feature which can be enabled by your Customer Success Manager.


What we fixed

  • The “More” button below Daily Active Users and Monthly Active Users in the Dashboard now leads to a more detailed breakdown of the statistics again.
  • Images sent in chats can now again be viewed in full size instead of in a compressed format.
  • Unit Admins can now once again export users.
  • When a new Stream is assigned to a Location, users can by default read and post on the Stream. Previously, the default permission was read only.
  • Users can now once again successfully create posts in their Location stream.



Beekeeper Platform - May 2019


What's new

  • Start a conversation with our helpdesk, file tickets and search the Help Center with our new Zendesk widget. The widget is visible to admins in the Beekeeper Dashboard and web app. 
  • Show or hide bot accounts in the app from the Dashboard. If you create or edit a bot, you can now choose whether you want to make it visible to users. If you make the bot invisible to users, it will not show in your User Directory and it will not be possible for users to message the bot or tag it in a post.


What we fixed

  • No more stuck Campaigns and Surveys! We worked on making these more reliable, so you can use them to their fullest potential.
  • Organizational Unit and Location admins can now once again successfully update Navigation Extensions.
  • Slideshows now load faster.
  • Admins of customers using the Swiss datacenter can now once again upload new icons for navigation extensions. 
  • In mid-May, customers in our Swiss data center also encountered an issue with uploading and exporting files. This included photo uploads to posts, user import/export and navigation extension creation. Thanks to everyone who reported this, the issue was quickly identified and fixed. 
  • Links to Help Center articles from the Dashboard are now working once again. You can access the new Admin Help Center from
  • Email notifications for new posts relate only to streams to which the recipient has access.  



Beekeeper Platform - April 2019


What's new

  • Pending Users: Users who have been created but have not yet logged in are hidden from the User Directory and Search, and cannot be tagged in posts or receive chat messages. Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this setting.
  • Admins can export results from campaigns as an excel file as long as the campaign is not anonymized.
  • We no longer support mobile apps below version 4.23.5. Any users logging into these mobile apps will see an outdated version announcement and be forced to update their app. 


What we fixed

  • You can now include special characters in your unique names for your Locations and Organizational Units. For example, Zürich.
  • We made significant improvements to the reliability of push notifications, after experiencing some issues with push notifications not being sent.
  • Choose to show 100, 200 or 500 users in your Dashboard user list. Previously, the list would default to 100 even if other options were selected.
  • Posts containing videos are now being reliably published. Some users experienced an issue where if the video upload failed, no error message was shown and the post was not published.
  • The “Change Password” page on the web app is now appearing in your chosen language. Some of our users noticed it was appearing in English - thanks for pointing it out!
  • Non-standard domains are now accepted for iFrame embedding and can be whitelisted from the Dashboard.
  • Beekeeper iFrames on Internet Explorer 11 no longer flicker when updating with new posts.



Beekeeper Platform - March 2019


What's new

  • We made some improvements to the look and feel of Search on the mobile apps.
  • Search on the web app is now similar to Search on the mobile apps - it is faster, gives more accurate results, and can be easily filtered by content type (Posts, Comments, People, Group Chats and Messages).


What we fixed

  • We fixed a small issue with our user sync apps, which should now be working as expected.
  • Locations are now ordered alphabetically by name in the Dashboard.



Beekeeper Platform - February 2019


Hyphen Surveys

We are proud to introduce a new integration with Hyphen, the cutting-edge employee feedback survey tool. Check our marketplace listing and blog post for more information. You can also sign up for the webinar.


Hyphen surveys on web and mobile



Beekeeper is now a supported app on Zapier, the integration for integrations. Zapier enables you to easily set up your own integrations between Beekeeper and other apps to automate recurring tasks and save time. Check out the Marketplace listing for more information.


Zapier marketplace with Beekeeper listed


What else is new?

  • Photo Gallery Posts have arrived! Add up to 50 photos, videos or GIFs to a single post to create more detailed how-to’s, bold visual announcements, photo galleries from events and more. The number of document uploads within a single post remains at 8. 
  • Long names (between 24 and 32 characters, e.g. “Elizabeth Berndsen-Friedmann") are now presented in full in the app and are not shortened.


What we fixed

  • Hidden posts in the Moderation Inbox no longer show in Search results. 
  • SMS login messages are now sending correctly, even if the phone number you entered has spaces in it.
  • Only the sender of a Campaign can send a follow-up message.
  • Saved draft Surveys now include your selected Groups. 
  • User sync apps were experiencing some problems, but they are now behaving as expected.



Beekeeper Platform - January 2019


What's new

  • We’ve been hard at work building a couple of big new features. Stay tuned for more updates!
  • Group chat name changes now appear in the chat as an event message. Event messages are the little grey messages that appear in the chat, e.g. when someone new is added or someone leaves.


What we fixed

  • Personalised paper invites for new user onboarding are now loading correctly.
  • Daily email notifications are now being sent again.
  • We improved the Dashboard experience on the mobile app. In particular, we enabled the Dashboard to be viewed in landscape mode and improved the experience of logging in as the Company Account.
  • Posts deleted by moderators no longer appear in mobile search. This issue only affected customers in the US.
  • Email addresses containing a hyphen, e.g. “”, are no longer redirecting to webpages matching the text following the hyphen (in this example “”).
  • Labels in the Analytics Dashboard are now displaying correctly when the mouse pointer hovers over them.



Beekeeper Platform - December 2018


Search on Mobile

Search on Mobile has been released to everyone! Users can now search content by entering a keyword in the mobile app, and navigate all results by posts, comments, people, and chat messages.




Anonymized Surveys and Campaigns


Anonymize the responses to any Survey or Campaign by clicking the new anonymization toggle in the Dashboard Survey/Campaign creation wizard. Recipients of the Survey are informed that their responses will be anonymized.



Product Portal


Keep track of new and planned developments and submit feedback directly to us via the Product Portal. If you are a Beekeeper customer, you can access this from your Dashboard. Simply click on your profile at the top right and select  “Submit Feedback”.



Call from Chat Messaging


If your chat partner has a mobile number saved in their Beekeeper profile, you can now call them directly by tapping the phone icon in the top right corner of the chat screen.



Admin Rights Notifications


Users who receive any type of Admin right for the first time can now be automatically informed via push notification. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you wish to use this feature.

Notifications trigger with a 5 minute delay to prevent immediate notification if a user is accidentally given Admin rights. The notifications appear as a push notification on mobile and an in-app notification on web, and will only appear if the user is given admin rights for the first time. For example, if a user becomes a Group Admin for the first time, they will receive a notification. If they then become a Global Admin 6 months later, they will receive another notification.


What we fixed

  • Survey questions are now being successfully sent to all users.
  • For customers using the Inline Translations app, comments are now correctly translated on web and mobile.
  • PDFs for personalised invites/paper invitations are now successfully being generated for tenants in our Irish and German datacenters.
  • Navigation extensions for files are now opening successfully in Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11.



Beekeeper Platform - November 2018


Privacy Package

We respect data privacy above all else. We believe our users should be able to enjoy Beekeeper without fearing their engagement with the app is being used to measure their performance. That’s why we’ve released a package of new optional features to help you respect personal data privacy in your company’s Beekeeper app.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you wish to use any features in this package:

  1. Hide “User Activity” on profiles in the web app so that posts created, likes, and comments are not visible to other users. The total count of likes, comments and posts remains.

  2. Hide “Last Seen” on user profiles to prevent others from seeing when an individual was last on the app.

  3. Hide the names of users who have liked posts and comments and display only the total number of likes to prevent others being able to track an individual’s preferences.



What else is new?

  • Check out the newest release notes and keep track of what’s in our pipeline via the profile drop-down menu in your Beekeeper Dashboard.
  • We improved the status messages in the moderation inbox on the Dashboard to be more informative.


What we fixed

  • Notifications no longer show for posts which were already moderated and removed.
  • The “no scheduled posts” label on streams is no longer visible for those who do not have posting rights for the stream. The edited time and date for scheduled posts is now also reflected in the Stream view.
  • Group Chat conversations were still showing in the inbox of users who had been removed from the conversation. We made sure that when users are removed from a group chat, it is no longer visible to them.
  • The “Users” tab on the dashboard should now load correctly. Previously it was occasionally showing as empty.
  • Hitting “enter” while typing a label for a post replaced what had been typed with a defined stream label. This is now fixed.
  • Various issues were fixed regarding the UltiPro user sync app incorrectly removing users from groups.
  • The order of images on a post was changing when the post was edited or pinned. We made sure the images you upload remain in the correct order, even after the post is edited.
  • Posts pulled into streams from external sources via an RSS integration were ignoring stream settings such as deactivated commenting. This is now fixed.
  • German Dashboard translations for the moderation inbox were broken in Internet Explorer and showing as “Administration” instead of “Moderation”. The moderation inbox is now correctly labelled.



Beekeeper Platform - October 2018

Empty states

If you haven’t used certain engagement features before, the empty state for these features in the dashboard is now more informative and provides helpful information about what the feature is. Some of our users may have noticed this feature arrive a few months ago, but it has now been enabled by default for all of our customers.

Chat improvements now enabled for all users

Chat message receipts, typing notifications, scroll to bottom and “last read” markers are now enabled by default for almost all customers, except if customers have asked to be excluded.


What else is new?

  • You can now see why an SFTP user sync import failed thanks to a helpful new error message.
  • It is now possible to see if permissions for a user are inherited from a group in the Streams section of the Dashboard.
  • German and French have been made more formal, replacing "Salut" with "Bonjour" and "Hallo" with "Guten Tag" in paper invites, moderation messages, login notifications, digest emails etc.
  • The written content in the dashboard moderation inbox was improved to be more professional.  
  • Leaving group chats, muting//unmuting chats and archiving/unarchiving chats is now faster.
  • If you access the web app from mobile, it should now be translated. Previously it was English only.
  • Emojis are now rendered correctly everywhere on Web.
  • Search on Mobile has been ramping up over the past few weeks and is also linked to a lot of backend improvements in the Dashboard analytics. We’re testing the feature on ourselves first, and will then conduct a staged release to small groups of customers.


What we fixed

  • User imports with 0 users no longer cause the system to freeze.
  • Notifications about posts that have been moderated and removed no longer show.
  • The edited date/time for scheduled posts is now reflected in the stream view.
  • Conversations were still showing in the inbox after users left a group chat, but were no longer accessible. We made sure that when you leave a group chat, it is no longer visible.
  • The order of images on a post now remains the same after the post is edited or pinned.
  • Hitting ‘enter’ after typing in a label for a post was adding a defined stream label instead of your text. This is now fixed.