eBook: Hospitality Industry Trends for 2020

We examine how hoteliers can use digital tools to leverage 2020 hospitality industry trends

Low unemployment numbers are driving disposable income and travel up. There’s never been a better time for hoteliers to digitize their employee engagement and operations communication strategies..

We have broken down these 2020 hospitality trends into five categories so hoteliers can easily assess how each will impact and benefit hotel staff departments, including:

  • How to build a company culture to retain and recruit top talent

  • Personal branding for hotel executives

  • Best ways to automate HR tasks and operations with AI from payroll to schedule management

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“We’re an organization where the vast majority of our workforce doesn’t have access to traditional forms of communication like email and text messaging. Beekeeper has created a platform where we can communicate with everyone instantly.”

Jason Brown , Director of People Operations, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge