Xoxoday Integration

Rewards & Recognition

Beekeeper Xoxoday Integration

Improve retention and save time for HR — recognize and reward employees automatically.

With Beekeeper’s Xoxoday integration, you can automatically send employees gift cards to celebrate work anniversaries or other special events. 

Just connect Beekeeper to Xoxoday via Zapier! Zapier will recognize a team member’s work anniversary in Beekeeper and trigger Xoxoday to send a gift card reward. 

Improve Employee Retention
Never let important days go unnoticed. Let staff know you care with a gift card on their work anniversary. 

Save Time for HR
Make employee recognition effortless through automation. 

Easy Setup, No Maintenance 
Select the start date profile field in Beekeeper, set the “send gift card” action in Xoxoday, and Zapier will take care of the rest!


About Xoxoday
Xoxoday offers business software products to solve problems around employee rewards and recognition, channel sales incentives and consumer promotions. The software products are used by HR leaders, channel managers and brand marketers across 700+ global companies to engage their employees, channel partners and consumers.

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Category: Zapier Integration / Rewards & Recognition Software

Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 10 August 2020

Developer: Zapier / Xoxoday