Utilities Template Package

Survey and Campaign templates for Utilities best practices

Utilities Template Package

Kick off your digital communication strategy with Survey and Campaign templates based on industry best practices for Utilities companies.

With this package, you can add templates for recurring surveys or announcements to your app so your administrators and team leaders can get started right away.

The Utilities Template Package contains:

Monthly Improvement Survey:
Get regular input for continuous improvement by sending this short monthly survey to your field teams.

Safety Participation Survey:
Identify improvement potential in your health & safety training and processes with this safety participation survey template.

Weather Alert Campaign:
Let your teams know as soon as inclement weather is expected in their region. React fast to inform your field teams and keep your employees safe.

Safety Monthly Campaign:
Create a monthly cadence of health & safety tips, delivered direct to your employees’ inboxes.


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Version: 1.0

Last Updated: December 2, 2020

Developer: Beekeeper AG