Twitter Integration

Integrate with Beekeeper

Twitter Beekeeper Integration

The Twitter Integration allows you to build automated actions and workflows based on the following triggers:

  • Liked Tweet on Twitter
  • New Tweet or Follower on Twitter
  • Specific User or List Tweet on Twitter
  • Mention on Twitter
  • Anniversary detected in Beekeeper
  • Navigation Extension created in Beekeeper
  • New Post created in Beekeeper 
  • New Chat Message in Beekeeper

These triggers allow you to create the following actions:

  • Add user to list on Twitter
  • Create Tweet on Twitter
  • Update Profile Image on Twitter
  • Create Post in Beekeeper
  • Create Chat Message in Beekeeper
  • Update Navigation Extension in Beekeeper
  • Update Beekeeper Profile

Ideas to get started:

  • Search Twitter for keywords or hashtags, such as the name of your company, and create a stream to duplicate these in Beekeeper for real-time customer feedback.

  • Keep your employees in the loop with all the latest social media content from your company on a dedicated Beekeeper Stream.


If you wish to use this integration, please ensure you have a Zapier account. For more information on how to set up Zapier, please refer to our Help Center Article. 


Category: Zapier Integration

Version: 1.1

Last updated: 23 October 2019

Developer: Beekeeper AG