Retail Industry Trends in 2020

Technology at the Intersection of the Customer Experience and Employee Experience

Retail Trends 2020

Will the retail industry ever fully recover from the devastation of #retailpocalypse? As we move into 2020, the tide is turning for the industry once again, and technology is leading the charge in how the retail industry is evolving.

In this white paper, we explore how experiential retail is changing the landscape of the entire shopping industry. We also examine how Millennials and Gen Z consumer habits have impacted retailers, and how they’re adjusting their business strategies to attract the next generation of shoppers. Finally, we take a look at how retailers are addressing the employee experience amidst a wave of high turnover and labor shortage crisis.

Our Retail Trends 2020 white paper reveals. . .

  • The “hybridization” of the shopping experience and real life examples from big brands.
  • The use of “big data” in crafting a personalized shopping experience.
  • The emergence of new technology that enhances the employee experience for frontline retail workers.
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"Thanks to Beekeeper, we have connected our employees, provided them direct access to information, the ability to talk to one another, and given a voice to our frontliners. We also gained visibility on what is happening throughout the Group, which opens up many doors for business improvement moving forward."
Sarah Cousin, Head of Internal Communication, Chalhoub Group