Manufacturing Industry Trends for 2020

Rebuilding a Competitive Workforce in the Age of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is in full swing and it has transformed every element of the manufacturing industry around the world. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that AI has 3,000 times the impact on today’s factories than the changes brought by the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century.

So what exactly do all these changes mean for modern day manufacturing companies? How will automation, AI, and communications technology affect production? How will manufacturing companies close the skills gap currently present in the labor force? We tackle all these questions and more in our manufacturing trends for 2020 white paper.

This white paper will reveal how. . .

  • The robot revolution has really impacted jobs in the manufacturing industry
  • Smart factories are creating a safer work environment for manufacturing workers
  • The manufacturing workforce is being redefined and retrained for high tech jobs
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“Digital awareness is very important for our industry because manufacturing is quickly moving towards digital. Beekeeper contributes to digital literacy and lessens anxieties around use of digital communication tools. The use of a team app like Beekeeper strengthens an overall awareness of how important digital technology is to our workplace. Beekeeper helps us to wrap the strategic issues in stories.”
Salome Ramseier, Head of Communications & Public Affairs, Holcim Switzerland & Italy