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User Synchronization Integration

Beekeeper Landwehr Integration

If you use Landwehr to manage workforce information, this Beekeeper integration allows you to automatically synchronize your Landwehr employee information with Beekeeper so that employee info is always current. 

Since you already have crucial workforce information in your Landwehr system, why create extra work by creating new profiles for each employee? Automatic user synchronization reduces unnecessary duplication of work and lowers onboarding time. Workforce information is automatically added to Beekeeper when employees join the team, or removed from Beekeeper when there are staff departures, so you can ensure your internal communication is always reaching current staff. 

Seamless User Management
Automatically synchronize workforce information from Landwehr to Beekeeper so your data is always current.

Easy Setup, No Maintenance
Easily set up your integration with our expert Success Team, no IT support or maintenance required.

Custom Segmentation
The integration will instantly organize your employees into groups according to their profile fields to ensure frontline employees get the most relevant information. 


About Landwehr

LANDWEHR Computer und Software GmbH is one of the leading service providers of highly specialized software solutions for the sectors of personnel services, building services, event services as well as agricultural and trading companies. We see ourselves as your full service provider: from advice to the installation of hardware and software to comprehensive services - since 1994.


Category: HR Software

Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 11 September 2020

Developer: Beekeeper AG