eBook: Hospitality Industry Trends for 2018-2019

Our eBook examines the influence of the experience economy on hospitality industry trends, and how a digital internal communications strategy for your workforce can best leverage them.


2018 promises to reflect increasing consumer emphasis on experiential travel. Otherwise known as the experience economy, this travel trend is an asset to the hospitality industry. Whether you work in HR, executive leadership, or IT, this eBook explores how to benefit from this and other hospitality industry trends, and why a digital internal communications strategy is a key component in doing so effectively.

In addition to assessing how digital internal communication solutions like mobile workforce apps will positively impact workplace culture and the guest experience, we’ll cover key digital workplace app benefits. These include more transparent change management and secure group messaging for daily internal and crisis communications.

In this eBook, you’ll discover the value of adopting a digital internal communications strategy to:

  • Re-shape the guest experience, team morale, and cohesion among HR, executive, IT, and frontline employees with emerging digital internal communications tools

  • Learn how executive staffers can adopt and incorporate digital marketing trends to echo company vision

  • Digitally integrate and automate HR tasks with AI including onboarding, payroll, and scheduling management

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“We’re an organization where the vast majority of our workforce doesn’t have access to traditional forms of communication like email and text messaging. Beekeeper has created a platform where we can communicate with everyone instantly.”

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