The hospitality industry has been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. With 70% of hotel employees laid off or furloughed, hotel workers are losing more than $2.4 billion in earnings each week.

Fortunately, the curve is very slowly starting to flatten. States are beginning to lift shelter-in-place orders and hotels are looking at how they will reopen. Whether you’re sending critical safety announcements to employees who are still on-site, communicating updates with furloughed employees, or sharing ramp-up plans, this guide explores the three phases of crisis communications and how a communication tool like Beekeeper can support

In times of a crisis like COVID-19, Beekeeper can:

  • Reach all employees instantly and help you deliver a consistent message to your team
  • Connect with workers who may not have a valid phone number or email on file
  • Enable quick training on new processes, SOP updates, and communicate policy changes
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"Our usage of Beekeeper is the best it’s ever been. We initiated our crisis management team and communications plan which relied heavily on Beekeeper. I don’t know how we’d keep up with employee messaging during COVID-19. It has been changing so quickly!"

Lindsay Bean, Internal Communications and Engagement Advisor, Eagle Mine